We see them all over the place nowadays, light bars are the latest wave to take over the off-road industry, but a lot more goes into them than you think. The folks over at Baja Designs have a true passion for the sport and have been providing an off-road lighting solution for the last 25 years.

Drivers like Cameron Steele, Bryce Menzies, Casey Currie, and Justin Lofton rely on Baja Designs’ lights to make sure that even the darkest Baja night can be conquered.

From UTVs to Trophy Trucks, every vehicle that hits the dirt or trail needs a light. This goes beyond the cool factor, lights will allow for extended fun when the sun sets. The technology and science behind the bulb are what really matters.

The entire manufacturing process is done at Baja Designs' headquarters in San Diego, California.

All of Baja Designs’ lights are designed, engineered, machined, and assembled in the United States. They have an in-house CNC machine, cut and bend all the raw aluminum extrusions, and solder and test all of the circuit boards in San Diego, California.

Lead engineer and founder, Alan Roach, can be seen behind his computer, implementing advanced circuit board layouts and designs.

Testing is a big part of any successful product and Baja Designs field tests all of their products to ensure that they can withstand the abuse of the application. From lighting on a motorcycle to side-by-side Baja Designs makes sure nothing is missed.

Whether you are an avid desert rat or like to hit the trail at night with some friends there is a light for you. For more information on Baja Design and its products, be sure to check out its website.