With the side-by-side market blowing up, people are starting to realize that particular components wear just as if they did on a full-size vehicle. Energy Suspension has seen the need for bushings and has recently been offering Powersports polyurethane components for UTV’s.

The polyurethane bushings come in either black or red and include everything you need to swap out the factory rubber bushings.

Energy Suspension just released front control arm bushing set for the 2014-2016 Polaris RZR XP 900/1000 models (PN 70.7009). Less deflective than rubber, Energy’s Hyper-Flex polyurethane bushings deliver consistent, more responsive handling, and are resilient to harsh elements and contaminants that destroy rubber bushings.

“The bushing set has been engineered to be more durable and efficient than stock rubber bushings,” Michael Santa Cruz of Energy Suspension explained. “This allows your UTV’s stock control arms and suspension to work properly and last longer.”

Simply unbolt the control arm and replace with the Energy Suspension bushings.

Included in the kit are 16 eye bushings and two zinc coated sleeves. The bushings are available in either black or Energy Suspension red and are made in the US. In addition to the control arm bushings, Energy Suspension also makes shock bushings and motor mount inserts for some Polaris RZR models.

For more information on Energy Suspension’s products, be sure to check out its website!