VIDEO: Tour Of The Menzies Motorsports Off-Road Race Build Factory

If you have ever wondered what the inside of the incredibly successful Menzies Motorsports race truck build and prep shop looks like, and how a race rig is built and maintained, then kick back, relax and watch this interview and shop walkthrough as top off-road driver Bryce Menzies shows off the elaborate desert and short course off-road racing truck garage.

Menzies Shop-1Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg leads you through the Menzies Motorsports kingdom with the help of driver Bryce Menzies as Bryce provides a complete tour of the Las Vegas shop in which the team builds, maintains, and preps both the desert and short course racing trucks. Bryce breaks down the process for building the off-road racing trucks from the ground up.

You’ll also get the inside story on the exhaustive post-race maintenance that these trucks require. Beyond the race trucks, Menzies Motorsports also runs a fleet of race prep and desert racing support trucks. This is a stellar outfit that can handle the challenge of tuning a suspension on trucks taking 100-foot jumps and blasting 130 mph across terrain filled with four-foot tall whoops.

Best yet, you’ll also see awesome in-car race footage of Bryce at his desk — the seat of his mega-horsepower race trucks. You’ll hear the roar, feel the thunder, and get to know what the off-road racing world is really all about. Check out the video above for a thrilling ride in the world of Menzies Motorsports.

Menzies Shop-3

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