VIDEO: Build Your Own Model Dodge Power Wagon For Free

Dodge Power Wagon ModelDo enjoy working with your hands but don’t have any current projects? Well it may interest you to know that you can build your own paper model Dodge Power Wagon. The Dodge Power Wagon was the first mass produced 4×4 truck that hit the market in the years following WWII. The Power Wagon was based on the ¾-ton military truck driven by G.I.s during WW II.

Chrysler released the truck to the public in 1945 after the war’s end (many of these were likely military surplus) and the truck proved to be popular among returning servicemen. The Power Wagon was Dodge’s flagship fullsize truck until 1981 when it was replaced by the Dodge Ram. It would not to be seen again until the 2014 Ram Power Wagon

The model created by is free to download via PDF and the instructions on its website as well as the Youtube video above will help you assemble it. recommends using card stock paper to print the truck on as it holds up far better than standard white paper. As you can see for yourself in the pictures, its model looks amazing despite being a paper product.

Those possessing a keen eye may have noticed a few creative liberties have been taken. The model has a clean wood finish on the bed where as the original Dodge Power Wagon had a painted black wood bed. Also modern-style wheels have been mounted as well as contemporary off-road tires to give it a modern performance look.

Feel free to print it out and have fun. For many Off Road Xtreme readers, this could be a great way to get your kids interested in vintage 4x4s. The instructions can be found at the bottom of the page here.

We can see why the returning G.I.s loved her, she is a beautiful machine.

We can see why the returning G.I.s loved her, she is a beautiful machine.

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