Getting a new neighbor can be an interesting ordeal. Are they going to make noise late at night? Are they going to be friendly? These types of questions can run through anyone’s head, but for us, it was the complete opposite.

We found out a few months ago that Brenthel Industries was moving down the street from us in Murrieta, California. Having a race shop minutes away is a wonderful feeling. The smell of race fuel, hearing trucks fire up, and to see a truck being built from a pile of tubes is any off-road gearheads dream.

From tube chassis to brand new Raptors it can all be seen at Brenthel Industries.

Brenthel is owned and operated by two brothers: Jordan and Jonathan Brenthel. If you can dream it they can make it and have a wide range of capabilities and can make anything from a Class 10 car to a state of the art Trophy Truck.

Everything built at Brenthel Industries is first modeled in 3D CAD software. While it is in the solid model stage, they verify fitment, check for proper geometry, and perform finite element analysis to confirm the material selection and define how the parts or assemblies respond to stresses and loading.

For most of us, moving will leave boxes around for months, but for the Brenthel's their shop is clean and in full working order. "We are really excited to be in an area with so much potential to grow and being in a newer area everything is new and clean," Jonathan Brenthel said about their new race shop.

Luckily we had the chance to head over to their new shop and see what type of toys they had inside. Upon arriving they had everything you could think of. From their Class 1 to a brand new Spec TT, it was all there under one roof. The move was a big change for the team, but they were behind the brother’s decision and gladly helped.

Moving into this shop in the middle of June was a big change for the crew, but it gave the vehicle team a new spot to build. “Prepping for the Baja 500 in June and getting ready to move was a challenge,” Jordan Brenthel explained. “Now we’re all settled in and Vegas to Reno is just around the corner and the Baja 1000 is coming up quick.”

Nothing is missed during the fabrication process. The welds are perfect and the Brenthel's logo makes it into multiple parts of the build.

The Baja Kits, Brenthel’s off-road suspension company, location will continue to be located in Orange County, California.”We’re excited to move not only the shop but our lives, homes, and family out to Murrieta,” said Jordan. “We’ve wanted to get out here for years and finally pulled the trigger.”

Up next for team Brenthel is the Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno race August 19th. To see that everything that Brenthel can do, be sure to check out its website!