SEMA 2017: XClutch Talks Performance Advantages And Product Lineup

Although XClutch might be new to the US market, the Australian company is no stranger to the street and track performance clutch demands of enthusiasts. XClutch uses its 25 years of performance clutch experience to cater its products to best fit the demands of your car. As the US performance brand for Australian Clutch Services, the XClutch brand was developed “particularly for the US market to ensure that all research and development is focused solely on the US market,” as stated by Stewart Furze from XClutch while discussing the new entry into the US.

XClutch has a strong focus on late model performance right now, with all domestic, European, and Japanese vehicle applications being covered with high quality, performance products. Although the largest demand for XClutch is the performance street category, they also cover drag, drift, and circuit racing applications ensuring that all clutch demands are met.

XClutch isn’t just a clutch manufacture either, they also offer all the other things you might need for a clutch install as well, along with flywheels, throwout bearings, and even hydraulic components if your application calls for it. To top it off, XClutch makes every effort to ensure that all required parts are included to make sure that installation goes smoothly and can be done right the first time.

Some of the biggest news from them for this year at SEMA is the release of the performance clutch kits for the brand new Honda Civic Type R. Offered in three different “stage” kits, the Honda Civic Type R FK8 which was just released to the market a few months ago now has options for owners and race teams looking for a high performance clutch. For further bragging rights, XClutch is proud to say that they are the worlds first to offer an aftermarket clutch for the FK8 Type R (P/N: KHN24537-1A).

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