SEMA 2017: US Gear’s Dana 60 Pro Ring And Pinion

The 2017 SEMA Show gave us a glimpse at what’s new for the diesel scene. Today, we’re looking at US Gear and its Dana 60 Pro ring and pinion, aimed at the racing market.

We spoke with US Gear’s Bob Angliss to learn more about the product, which has been revamped from its predecessor. “We used to make Dana 60 Pro gears in this market years ago, and now we’ve come back to it,” started Angliss.

The Dana 60 Pro ring and pinion are aimed at racing applications.

“We’ve changed the way we do manufacturing,” he continued. “We’ve gone away from five-cut machines and started using duplex cutting machines. The duplex has two different styles of cuts that it can make. It has the typical face milling, which you get with a five-cut machine, but it also has face hobbing, which offers a stronger design. Plus, these gears are quieter than ever thanks to the manufacturing process.”

To cater to racers, US Gear offers the Dana 60 Pro in a variety of gear ratios. These range from 4.10:1 to 6.17:1. “Racers use the Dana 60 all of the time, and this ring and pinion is the cherry on top to their drag truck,” commented Angliss.

Made using duplex cutting machines, the Dana 60 Pro ring and pinion can promise strength, reliability, and quiet operation.

Materials used in the Dana 60 Pro ring and pinion are of top-notch quality. “Our Pro gears are made from 9310 steel, which is ideal for drag racing,” said Angliss. “The material is flexible and forgiving. It will take a ton of torque and power, and not break.”

If the Dana 60 Pro ring and pinion sounds like the right fit for your rig, head on over to the US Gear website.

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