Diesel trucks are more popular than ever and it could be seen walking the show floor. Swinging by Bully Dog we were able to get a first-hand look at a couple new products for diesel trucks. On display were a performance DPF for a 6.7-liter Cummins and the revised GTX tuner.

Bully Dog has developed a DPF system that is larger than the stock unit, requiring less cleaning and also flows 21-percent more air for improved performance. The increased size also reduces the chance of the DPR system becoming clogged. Most importantly, the DPF system from Bully Dog is completely EPA compliant so you’ll still be able to pass emissions.

We also got to check out their new BDX and GTX tuning system. In the past, with programmable tuners, you needed to have a Mac or PC handy to make sure they tuner had the latest software. Not only was this a hassle, but it left many people with outdated software on the tuner. Bully Dog’s new tuner completely gets rid of this by integrating WiFi into the tuner itself.

Another big feature of these new tuners is how custom tunes can be installed through WiFi. This involves a registration process with the company you’re getting a custom tune from. This makes it way easier to install a custom tune on your truck because the tuner doesn’t have to be plugged into a laptop at any time.