PRI 2017: PFTE Rod Ends From FK Rod Ends Make Your Steering Smooth

The steering wheel may be how you provide input into the direction your car goes, but there are a lot of other parts behind it that help decide how that input feels. Getting the right feel for the handling of your vehicle is something that can be tuned with suspension parts like the rod ends that connect everything together. FK Rod Ends now offer their PFTE rod ends with Teflon as a dry lubricant and with different fitments to help tune how your car feels as it motors down the road or track.

The PFTE FK Rod Ends offer different fitment options that use Teflon as a dry lubricant inside the rod end. This solves the issue where grease will attract dirt and debris that will damage the rod end and not allow it to provide the best steering input it can for the driver.

Jay Langley from FK Rod Ends explains how their PFTE rod ends with Teflon works. “Teflon is dry and allows the lubrication to be applied without attracting items to the surface. So if when we use Teflon in different thicknesses for tension in the installation process we can get an F1 fit which is extremely tight, an F2 fit which is our standard fit with some movement, and our F3 fit which is our loosest which has a lot of movement.”

By having these different levels of fitment, the PFTE FK Rod Ends let the user decide how much movement they need and the kind of angle they desire to it to achieve it. The rod ends also let you decide how tight you need something for longevity based on your application.

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