PRI 2017: Klotz’s Lineup Of Transmission and Rear Gear Oils

Klotz Lubricants has your rear covered….literally.

The Indiana-based lubricant company is showing off some of its popular gear oils at this year’s PRI Show, designed for a range of different applications. From automotive to marine to ATV’s and even remote-controlled cars, Klotz produces oiling product for it, so what you see here represents a pretty wide swath of product development to cater it to given applications.

Klotz’s line of FreeGear oils cover these varying applications, with 75W/75 and 75W/80 manual transmission lubricants, and 80W/90, 75W/90, 75W/80, 75W/75, 75W/140, 30W/60 Hypoid gear oils. Hypoid lubricants, of course, are specifically designed to handle the pressures at work in modern hypoid-style automotive gear configurations in differentials. The pure estorlin makeup of Klotz’s oils have made them of particular interest to stock car and drag racing competitors, including those in NASCAR.

Klotz also markets its Flex Drive 30 transmission lubricant, which is intended specifically for Bert and Brian automotive transmissions and two-stroke motorcycle transmissions with wet clutches. This lubricant ontains a friction modifier to eliminate slip.

“Our oil is 100 percent synthetic. We use grade 5 estors, so it’s all the highest quality base products that will go into it, and then with our pure estorlin technology, which a trade secret of ours, it gives us more “slip-speed” to give you more horsepower and less resistance,” explains Klotz’s Jeff Streby. “Estorlin is a high-grade (grade 5) synthetic and they are somewhat magnetic to metals they’re attracted to metal, and so that helps bond the lubricant to the metal to give you the extra protection.

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