RISQ Racing Spells Double Trouble For The Competition

Brothers Kaden and Corbin Wells have built a pair of unique Polaris RZR’s to compete in the Best in the Desert off-road racing series. Built in their own shop in Utah, the cars take advantage of RISQ Racing‘s earned experience in the desert.

Both cars are formidable contenders in the most competitive UTV classes in the desert. Korben finished second overall in the season points championship in 2017 and finished every race mile in the #1895 Flying Tiger Version 1.

Corbin’s RZR on the left and Kaden's RZR on the right. They may visually look different, but there are a lot of similarities.

In off-road racing, you have to be fast, and you have to survive the brutal terrain. In addition to the custom fabrication and enhanced parts used to boost performance, the cars also carry tools and spare parts to repair many of the common failures that the desert is known to create.

Kaden removes one of the custom aluminum body panels that are attached with Dzus fasteners. Dedicated mounts for a complete spare clutch assembly are incorporated into the chassis.

After many hours and countless miles of constant pounding, even the best parts can be pushed beyond the breaking point. Since outside assistance is not allowed, competitors need to be able to make repairs and continue on their own.

Every racer dreams of a perfect race where they never need to get out of the car, but flat tires, mechanical gremlins, and getting stuck or crashing is more common than not. That’s what makes desert racing such a draw for those seeking the ultimate challenge.

The ability to traverse long stretches of the race course is their goal, and ties in perfectly with sponsor Titan Fuel Tanks that manufactures custom fuel tanks with added fuel capacity. Racecourses in the Best in the Desert series vary from short, 150-mile sprint races to the longest offroad race in the United States; Vegas to Reno (V2R).

Titan Fuel Tanks give vehicles added fuel capacity, while the product may not be on the race vehicle, the chase vehicles are outfitted with tanks that will keep them ahead of the competition.

V2R travels through some of the most desolate deserts in Nevada and includes a staggering 540 miles of torture. Take a look at some of the unique features found on this pair of desert racers that allow them to compete in such demanding conditions.

Custom fabricated front bumper is ready for action if needed. The tiny amber lights help the crew to distinguish the car from others as it enters the pits.

“Late last year RISQ popped up on my radar through a friend at Polaris and then again through another with one of their sponsors, VSM,” Mike DeFord of Titan Fuel Tanks explained. “As our company continues to grow we continue to reach additional markets. While we don’t currently have product for UTVs we do make tanks for virtually everything that is used to tow a UTV to the desert, dunes, off road park or mud pit.”

Corbin’s car (left) uses Sparco seats to contain the passengers. You can also see the CBR radiator that keeps the engine running cool. Kaden’s car (right) uses PRP seating and STV harnesses. Also, notice the fire extinguisher within easy reach of the co-driver.

“Our first race with the team was the 2018 Mint 400, while the team had some issues on course they did a great job and represented us very well,” DeFord continued. “In the couple of weeks since the Mint, we have heard from countless people saying that they saw or heard about us at the Mint. RISQ was our only representation there which says a lot.”

A GoPro housing is mounted to the roof to capture the action behind. Multiple LED light bars face rearward and an S&B fine particle separator supplies filtered air to the Turbocharged 1000 cc Polaris engine that is controlled by AEM electronics (left). GMZ 32x9.50-15 Ivan “Ironman” Stewart tires are wrapped around GMZ beadlock wheels on both cars (center). An axle shaft is mounted to the rear cage; one of the spares carried in case repairs are needed (right).

“Next weekend is huge for the team, they are racing at the UTV World Champions in Nevada as well as the SCORE San Felipe 250,” DeFord finished. “I don’t want to spoil any surprises but there is a new, something that will be unveiled by the team before race weekend.” Stay tuned as well will show what the team announces.

Starting Line Products muffler helps to expel exhaust gasses from the motor (top left). The round hole in the side of Corbin’s car is a dry break fuel system for lightning fast pit stops (top right). Lonestar racing mud flaps help protect the Fox shocks and Lonestar rear trailing arms from rock damage (bottom left). Custom firewall with ResQ racing logos cut into the aluminum sheet (bottom right).

The RISQ Racing RZRs are packed with parts that help them conquer the desert. From CBR coolers, GMZ wheels and tires, and LED lights to light up the darkest night. The brothers also added their own touches to their vehicles. Corbin chose to go with Sparco seats, while Kaden went with PRP seats.

Assault mirrors and Hostyle window nets enhance safety on the UTV’s.

RISQ Racing is going to be doing battle during the rest of the 2018 desert season. What do you think of these semi-twin RZRs? Tell us in the comments below!

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