4×4 Feature: Custom Jeep And A Pretty Girl = Perfect Combination

The off-road world is full of unique rides, from weekend trail-runners to full-blown race rigs. But Chad Wronka’s 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited is a monster of a different type. That’s because in addition to its superior off-road capabilities, Wronka’s Jeep serves as the perfect platform to display and demonstrate his own brand of off-road lighting.

An Off-Roading Background

Having grown up with dirt bikes and buggies since the age of five, Wronka’s enthusiasm for the off-road scene is deeply seeded. However, it wasn’t until after he retired from being a Navy SEAL that he took on the project of creating Combat LED–an off-road lighting company that prides itself on quality, affordability and durability–and the incredible Jeep that you see the beautiful Rorie Judson with in some of the photographs.

“As a former Navy SEAL, I wanted a Jeep that portrayed the image and performance that fits Combat LED’s look,” Wronka told us. “It needed to be an extremely capable vehicle, as well as [be] a high-quality platform to display our lighting systems at shows and events.”

The result is this customized 2013 Jeep Wrangler named Combat 1.

Prepping for the Build

Wanting to have a Jeep that was fully capable of tackling any off-road adventure, as well as being able to be driven on the street and display components from Combat LED’s product line, Wronka opted to hunt down his Jeep based on a color theme. So what better color scheme to go with than Commando Green?

Because this color choice with a hardtop was relatively hard to come by, Wronka gathered up the Jeep’s wheels, tires and bumper prior to purchasing the vehicle. The Jeep was then bought off the showroom floor with a dealer-added lift, which was immediately removed from the vehicle in preparation for 2.5 King IBPs shocks to be put on by Rebel Off Road. Wronka told us his Jeep was the first 2013 JKU to have these Kings mounted to its underside.

From there, the Jeep was adorned with Combat LED lighting systems. Other modifications, like the Jeep’s J.E. Reel driveshafts have all been added within the last 10 months, although Wronka didn’t go too far overboard with his additions.

“With this Jeep, we have definitely tested the strength of stock parts,” Wronka told us. “After breaking, bending, and causing failures, we quickly upgraded to the best products possible for our specific build. Our goal [with] this Jeep was to keep the ‘less is more’ concept by limiting all the extra weight and items sticking out past the basic footprint of the Jeep.”

The Build

So with obvious modifications but nothing too crazy, what exactly does this Jeep feature? Well, to start, the Wrangler is equipped with a stock grille that has been modified to integrate small LED blinkers and fabricated fog lights, which were placed where the stock blinkers were originally located.

The Jeep has also been equipped with a TNT Guardian bumper, which was flush-mounted to the front of the Jeep, and a Smittybilt XRC 10,000-pound waterproof winch with nylon line, which was modified to fit behind the grille. The Jeep also features a beefed up tailgate compliments of TeraFlex.

Around the sides of the Jeep, you’ll find custom cut stock fenders and Combat Fabrications rear window panel replacements for carrying RotopaX fuel containers. Of course, the Combat 1 Jeep wouldn’t be complete without a plethora of Combat LED lighting equipment. On this front, the Jeep features a Combat LED Double Row D-50 inch combination pattern 5-Watt model, which pushes almost 30,000 lumens, with Combat LED JK 50 inch pillar mounts.

The Jeep is also equipped with a Combat LED D-10 inch 3-Watt Dual Switch LED lightbar with white and amber LEDs for a variety of driving conditions, Combat LED D-4 inch Flood 5-Watt lights on the A-pillars, and a number of W-2 inch 10-Watt W-System LED lights, used for rock and backup lights.

Under the Jeep’s hood, you’ll find the factory 3.6L V6 topped off with a K&N air filter. This powerplant is tied to the stock automatic transmission, which pushes the engine’s power through J.E. Reel driveshaft to the Jeep’s Dana 44 axles with Artec Industries’ complete truss and gusset systems. In the rear, the Jeep makes use of G2 Chromoly axle shafts while RCV axle shafts are used in the front. The gear ratio for the Jeep has been upped to 5.13:1.

While the transfer case remains stock right now, Wronka told us he hopes to upgrade to an Advanced Adapters Atlas unit in the near future.

Moving on to the suspension, the Jeep features a Teraflex 6-inch long-arm kit with a custom layout. This gives the Jeep an overall ride-height lift of five inches. For springs, the front of the Jeep features King 250s on top and 300s on the bottom.

Out back, King 250 springs are used on top as well with 150s on the bottom. The shocks on all four corners also come from King and are 14-inch 2.5 IBP coilovers all the way around.

To give the Jeep added reinforcement, Rebel Off Road added its bolt-on coilover hoops and rear bolt-in coil mounts to the suspension system. Off Road Warehouse did all the extra welding and reinforcing of the frame, performed the installation of most of the aftermarket parts and accessories, and is one of Combat LED’s largest distributors. 

For steering, the Jeep uses a modified PSC heavy-duty JK hydraulic steering box with an over-sized external fluid reservoir. Completing the steering system are Synergy’s heavy-duty high steer drag links and ball joints, Reid Racing high steer knuckles, and Synergy’s Jeep JK chromoly tie rods.

Putting the Jeep’s crawling power to the pavement are 17-inch Spyderlock wheels wrapped in 37×12.5×17-inch Nitto Trail Grappler M/T rubber. Currie Anti-Rock bars assist in keeping the front tires on the ground. Stopping power comes compliments of the Jeep’s stock brakes upgraded with braided steel lines.

Inside, the Jeep maintains its stock black leather interior with the addition of an ARB twin on-board air compressor with air/water separater, which is mounted under the passenger seat using a Carolina Metal Masters mount.

Special Thanks

Associated with Jeepers Gone Wild and Cal4Wheel, Wronka utilizes his custom Jeep on a regular basis. Thanks for help with the build goes out to many people and companies including Factor 55, Combat LED, Combat Fabrication, King Shocks, Rock Hard 4×4, and Off Road Warehouse.

One Pretty Off-Roader

Now speaking of Rorie, we told you she was the model seen posing with Wronka’s Jeep, but she’s definitely more than just a pretty face. She’s the co-founder and media director of Combat LED, and helps grow and run the couple’s business on a daily basis. That means she’s on hand at trade shows, off-road events and even on the trail, having fun with the Jeep.

When it comes to career goals, Rorie’s are right on point with Combat LED’s, wanting to grow the business even further and constantly improve as they go.

When she’s not working, well, Rorie is usually working out, going on hikes or to the beach with her dogs, or going out with friends.

In addition to off-roading, Rorie enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, and traveling, classifying herself as an adrenaline junky that loves to mix things up by trying new things and taking risks. She also enjoys photography, DIY projects and the automotive industry in general.

“We are working towards an additional Jeep build at the moment,” Rorie told us. “I’m also a huge fan of classic muscle cars and would love to take on a ’67 Chevy Camaro RS/SS project someday. There’s nothing sexier than the sound of pure American muscle. Nothing.”

She also enjoys a nice night in with a bottle of wine and a good dinner with her fiancé, Chad.

That’s right boys, Rorie is officially off the market and it’s not hard to see why. After all, who can deny the appeal of a gorgeous gal that’s also an off-road nut?

A true gearhead, Rorie is an integral part of Combat LED as well as an avid off-roader to boot, making her and Wronka quite the power couple when it comes to their business and their impact on the industry.

Special thanks go out to March Field Air Museum in Riverside, California, for the use of its grounds for this photo shoot.

Check out more photos from our shoot with Wronka’s Jeep and Rorie Judson in the Off Road Xtreme Gallery below! 

Photography: Stuart Bourdon


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