Video: Rob MacCachren Qualifies (Fast & Funny) for 2015 KOH Race

MacCachren Qualify 2015 KOH-1If you have ever attended the King of The Hammers (KOH) event, you learn that some of the craziest action and fastest driving is during the two qualifying rounds held days before the main event on Friday. The qualifying course is a miniature of the real course, and holds much of the same blistering fast sections, as well as some incredibly technical rock sections. Add to that the fact that the qualifying rounds are extremely important to the drivers, because their qualifying times dictate where they start in the King of The Hammers race, and you’ll see amazing performances during the qualifying rounds.

The video you are about watch above is the entire qualifying run for the Poison Spyder “Crispy” unlimited class Jeep, and it’s being piloted by one of our favorite off-road racing drivers, Rob MacCachren, with Lance Clifford in the co-pilot seat. MacCachren was racing the King of The Hammers for his very first time, but the hot shoe desert off-road racer who has nailed multiple championships and numerous race wins in a number of off-road racing series (such as SCORE, LOORRS, and SNORE) over the last few decades really put the pedal to the metal and blasted like a rocket through the qualifying course.

The action is thrilling, and MacCachren ends up qualifying for the 17th place start in a field of 130, but one of the best (and funniest) parts of this video is the banter back and forth between driver and co-driver, and MacCachren’s comments at the very end. Check out this video of the Poison Spyder Dream Team of Rob MacCachren and Lance Clifford during their 2015 King of The Hammers qualifying run!

MacCachren Qualify 2015 KOH-2

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