Rolling Big Power Repulsor M/T Tire Review

When Rolling Big Power puts its collective mind to something, the truck world gets something awesome out of it. Already a leader in the wheel and lift kit segment, RBP has made a big push into the tire segment as well. Its entry? The Repulsor M/T.

We all know as truck owners how important tires can be. They aren’t just a set of rubber rings that go around a metal circle; they’re tools that need to get the job done. In the case of mud terrains like the Repulsors, they need to go the extra, slippery mile.

Did the Repulsor M/Ts cut it? Read on to find out.

We installed a set of 37-inch Repulsors (PN RBPMT20135020)  and 20-inch Assassin wheels (PN 89R-2010-97-12BG) on a 2017 F-250 FX4 recently, as part of our larger install involving RBP’s four-inch lift kit and Titan Fuel Tanks’ 55-gallon mid-ship fuel tank. Now, it’s time to look at these tires and wheels, and see how they can change a Super Duty for the better.

Product Background

To better understand RBP’s wheels and tires, we reached out to Kelleigh Ash to find out more. Asked about the vision behind the Repulsors, Ash said, “The Repulsor M/T was created to fit a need our builders came to us time and time again asking for – a mud terrain that behaved like an all terrain – and we delivered.”

For the Repulsor to accomplish this, RBP made sure to give the mud terrain the proper traits. “Its toothy tread is ready, willing, and able to chew up whatever terrain you point it at,” boasted Ash. “We want these tires to empower drivers to traverse sand, mud, snow, and rocks.”

RBP’s Repulsor M/Ts and Assassin wheels made for a great combo.

“But since we wanted the tire to live a dual life, we gave it a beefed-up sidewall and tread protection to produce minimal road noise and a comfortable highway ride,” continued Ash. “The Repulsor’s chunky tread, sidewall, and shoulder treatments present with a slight snarl, making a clear statement that you can lay claim to any terrain.”

The Repulsor M/T was created to fit a need our builders came to us time and time again asking for – a mud terrain that behaved like an all terrain – and we delivered. –Kelleigh Ash, RBP

The Repulsors come in a variety of sizes. “Our smallest is LT285/70R17, all the way up to 40/15.50R24,” said Kelleigh. “Next year, we will have offerings for a 26-inch wheel.”

Speaking of wheels, the 20-inch Assassins we received were particularly amazing. The reason why was craftsmanship. “Our wheels are made from the highest-quality aluminum alloy and are available in a wide assortment of designs and finishes,” said Ash. “RBP wheels are computer-measured for bolt patterns, offsets, center bores, and other specifications to give a perfect fit. Once the design is finalized, the alloy is melted down, cooled, and trimmed of excess metal. This process ensures the lightweight footprint, detail, and durability that every discerning driver deserves, and Rolling Big Power delivers.”

Getting Some Wheel Time

Once the tires and wheels were mounted, balanced, and installed, it was time to get to testing. We took the truck (albeit unaligned, but still able to drive straight) and set out for the local streets near the office.

In these conditions (sunny, no recent rain, low humidity), the tires performed well. They made a good impression with road noise, too, keeping it to an acceptable level. We were able to make turns and get up to speed quickly with no sketchiness or loss of traction.

Coming or going, starting or stopping, turning or going straight – the Repulsor M/Ts pulled no tricks and made driving around pleasurable.

While we didn’t have the time or means to tow with the truck, we felt certain the Repulsors were up to the task. “We have multiple customers that tow 40-foot goosenecks with them and love them and how they wear as well,” said Ash.

If there was any issue, it was more to do with rubbing than with anything else. Truck owner Tim Wayne echoed this notion when we talked to him after our installation. He would soon get the wheel wells taken care of. With sufficient space for the 37-inch tires, the problem would go away.

Off-road, the Repulsors were right at home. We could keep the truck in two-wheel-drive and make it through all of our local trails.

“The wheels and tires hit the spot for me,” said Wayne. “They’re really nice. Only issue is the rubbing on the front, just a tiny amount. I need to get the plastic fender trimmed. Every time I put it in reverse, it rubs. Just an issue with the 37s.”

As for off-road, the Repulsor M/T kept us in the groove on local trails near the office. Soft sand and gravel are our biggest obstacles here, and the truck always getting traction, even in two-wheel-drive.

Aside from some rubbing on the fenders, the Repulsors were, by all accounts, satisfactory tires. They handled dirt, dust, and asphalt equally well. Truck owner Tim Wayne hasn't had a chance to really flog the tires yet, but he plans to once wintertime rolls in.

“There’s no question they’re good for off-roading,” said Wayne. “Maybe when I get up in the mountains this winter I’ll get a chance to really go for it!”

We look forward to talking to Wayne again once it’s 2018. In the meantime, we’re satisfied with the Repulsors and how they performed on the F-250. For more information on the Repulsor and other RBP products, visit the RBP Facebook page and website.

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