Getting A Leg Up: Rolling Big Power’s RX-3 Step Bars

Getting a truck lifted is always the first step. It’s almost like a commandment from a holy book of trucks – “Thou shalt lift thine rig,” if you will. But there’s a fine line between going 1-3 inches, and going 4 inches and up on a vehicle.

For our 2017 Ram 2500, the owner went with a leveling kit that increased the front height of the truck by 1.5 inches. Now, the truck has the right stance, but with its larger wheels and tires, one thing it certainly needs is a way to let passengers get in and out safely.

These RX-3 step bars from RBP will help passengers enter and exit lifted trucks more easily, as well as protect the truck’s paint from debris.

Enter the Rolling Big Power (RBP) RX-3 step boards. With their one-piece construction and rugged appearance, these parts have capability and style to suit any pickup out there. We received a set for our truck, and reached out to RBP to find out more.

Background On The RX-3s

We spoke with RBP’s Ash Kelleigh to learn more about the RX-3s and how they came to be. “Our RX-3 step is a proprietary and patented design that looks rugged and is hard-working,” she said. “The one-piece welded design provides superior strength, and has the iconic mesh from our popular grilled integrated into its design.”

This makes the RX-3 ideal for vehicles already equipped with other RBP gear, including grilles, wheels, and exhaust tips. In short, the RX-3s add a lot to the look of a truck, and that’s on top of its practical functions.

The RX-3’s steps and inserts are removable. This makes them perfect for repainting or customizing without messing up the rest of the step bar.

“The RX-3 steps give customers a choice of a textured black or polished stainless steel finish,” said Kelleigh. “The mesh design deflects rocks and other debris, protecting the truck’s paint. We even have removable step pads and inserts that can be custom-painted to complement or match the vehicle.”

Now that we understood the RX-3’s background, we were ready to install the step boards and really see what the Ram would look like when it was all buttoned up.


RBP includes directions for applications that have threaded inserts for mounting, and those that don’t. Ours was the latter. We started by assembling a bolt into a nut and bolt plate, and inserting it into one of the oval holes on the frame rail.

The bolt, combined with a bolt and nut plate, are routed into the hole on the frame rail.

From there, we had to get the bolt and nut plate to line up properly with the two-hole pairs along the frame rail. We used supplied a plastic retainer to do so. We then backed out the bolt while holding onto the stud of the bolt and nut plate.

Afterwards, we hoisted the step bar up to the mounting location and rested it on the stud, making sure not to let it fall into the frame rail. Once we wrenched a nut onto the stud, the rest was just making adjustments to the step to get the adjacent hole to line up and screw the bolt in. That took care of mounting the steps to the frame rail; now, we had to support the steps with L-shaped brackets connected to the pinch weld.

With the pinch weld's angle too high, our L-bracket could not properly connect with the the step's bracket. We took a drill, made new holes, and then bolted them up together.

Unfortunately, once we had installed the L-shaped bracked to the pinch weld, we saw that the pinch weld’s angle was too high to connect with the pre-drilled spots on the steps’ brackets. This meant we had to drill out new holes on the brackets, which we did. Next, we simply wrenched in the necessary hardware to hold the L-bracket to the step bracket to complete the installation.

A Step In The Right Direction

With the new RX-3s installed, we can definitely say that the Ram is putting off a much more rugged vibe. The dark tone of the gray body paint works well with the black RX-3s.

Plus, it’s great to know that the RX-3s come with a warranty. “We have a three-year warranty for the RX-3 steps,” said Kelleigh. “If they have any problems, our customers can reach out to us and we will take care of them.”

The RX-3 steps match very well with our 2017 Ram 2500, and will be useful and protective of the truck for years to come.

If you’re ready to step up to the plate and see what RBP has to offer, head on over the company’s website. You can also find RBP on Facebook.

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