The 2022 F-250: Upgrading To A New Truck And Making More Power

It is easy to have an opinion about newer vehicles. I feel like the older generation does a lot of complaining about a new this or an updated that, but at some point, we all, including seasoned enthusiasts, are going to have to embrace the fact that things change. To relate this to diesel trucks, I remember getting involved with diesels before heavy-handed emissions were the norm.

Back then, truck manufacturers were constantly raising torque numbers and everyone was attempting to keep up with the Jones’. I, a young man at the time, couldn’t afford a newer truck but that was okay. The louder, more used, older models were affordable, and aftermarket support was everywhere. I have owned a wide variety of diesel trucks in my tenure of diesel ownership. After selling all of the older, more widely-known machines, I stepped into an arena that I had never before thought I would. A factory, emissions-intact, stock 2022 F-250 Super Duty Ford.

2022 F-250

I have gone from a modified 24-valve Cummins Ram to a compound turbocharged 2011 6.7-liter Cummins, a nitrous-fed drag truck, and more. Hesitant, this was my first real purchase of a “new” truck. Although it was previously enjoyed for 9,000 miles, it was still pretty new. After testing many trucks, the new Ford earned my business.

The allure of diesel trucks is undeniable – the engine’s roar, the unrelenting torque, and the feeling of invincibility on and off the road. As enthusiasts, we’ve all formed a deep connection with older diesel trucks, and now we find ourselves at a crossroads. Now, we ponder whether to make the leap into the world of newer emission-compliant models or remain loyal to the trucks without. Rest assured, the hesitation is natural, but let’s explore how these new trucks embody a delicate balance between tradition and innovation.

2022 F-250

First, they preserve the Legacy. Your love for diesel trucks is rooted in their rugged heritage and unapologetic strength. While emissions regulations have brought about significant changes, manufacturers have made it a priority to retain the core DNA that defines these vehicles. The heart of a diesel truck remains intact – the ability to tow, haul, and conquer challenging terrains with authority. With advanced engineering and meticulous design, newer trucks pay homage to their predecessors while embracing modern efficiency and cleaner emissions.

Next, emission-compliant diesel trucks aren’t just products of necessity, they are the outcome of ingenious engineering. Innovative technologies such as high-pressure direct injection, variable geometry turbochargers, and advanced exhaust after-treatment systems ensure that performance and efficiency are not compromised. These technologies work in harmony to maximize power output while minimizing emissions, resulting in a well-rounded driving experience that can rival, if not surpass, your older model.

As diesel enthusiasts, we share a responsibility to protect the environment and leave a positive legacy for future generations. While change can be challenging, the shift toward emission compliance signifies a broader commitment to cleaner air and sustainable practices. By choosing an emission-compliant diesel truck, you contribute to a collective effort to balance our passion for powerful vehicles with our duty to protect the planet.

Transitioning to a new, emission-compliant model doesn’t mean abandoning your love for diesel pickups. Rather, it’s an opportunity to embark on a new chapter. These trucks introduce you to an array of features that were once unimaginable – advanced infotainment systems, enhanced safety features, and even the potential for electric or hybrid technology integration. Embrace these innovations as a chance to explore uncharted territories while staying true to your roots.

Finally, choosing an emission-compliant diesel truck is not just a purchase — it’s an investment in your future as a diesel aficionado. As emissions regulations continue to evolve, owning a compliant truck like this 2022 F-250 positions you for smoother transitions as technology progresses. Your investment paves the way for the seamless integration of upcoming advancements, ensuring your place at the forefront of diesel innovation.

So, why the introduction? Well, I want to continue on this emissions-compliant journey just to prove that you can make this transition and actually enjoy it. This truck has a power curve that seems to never end. Loaded or unloaded, it doesn’t know any different and pulls like a dream. I never anticipated a truck this capable could feel like a car gliding down the road. But, here we are.

I recently returned from a trip that took me and this new-to-me 2022 F-250 from Missouri to the panhandle of Florida which ended up being a 650-mile trip one way. Knowing that we’ve got some aftermarket goodies en route, I wanted to get a good read on fuel economy with highway and town driving ahead of me. Once again, now that I have returned, I am surprised at the results. The fuel mileage ticker on the dash has always had a bad reputation to never read correctly and while that still remains true, it wasn’t far off from the calculator.

After 1,300 miles, two tanks of fuel, and the driving characteristic of a young man that needs to race everywhere, “Black Noir” managed to deliver 20.65 miles per gallon on the way down and 20.27 miles per gallon on the way back. This is outstanding in my book considering what this truck is designed to do. After all of this time, I just assumed the required emissions held back these newer trucks so much that mileage was out the door. Consider y mind changed.

We have some upcoming upgrades planned for this 2022 F-250 that you aren’t going to want to miss. So stay tuned to see what we unbox for this truck and see what we can do from here to make even more emissions-legal upgrades.

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