Video: On-Trail Install Of A ProCharger Supercharger System

When ProCharger told us that its supercharger is so easy to install we could complete the job on the trail, we decided to find out for ourselves, how easy, by installing a system on our fifth-gen Toyota 4Runner. On a trail. In the desert. How did the install unfold and was it successful? Well, the included video answers those questions, so give it a watch.

Supercharger Install Video

Two Supercharger Install Objectives

We had two objectives with this install. One, as noted, was to see how easy it is to install the ProCharger supercharger. The second objective was to increase the power of our Toyota 4Runner’s 4.0-liter V6 engine. In stock form, the 4.0-liter is adequate, but it won’t take your breath away. This 4Runner is outfitted with a collection of heavy gear, including an aftermarket front bumper and winch. Consequently, there’s a noticeable decrease in performance. “Slow” is how the owner described the performance of his SUV. Hence, it needed the forced induction muscle that the ProCharger system provides.

Supercharger Install Video

About ProCharger

Since 1994, ProCharger has consistently manufactured the market’s most potent and dependable centrifugal supercharger systems. The company employs state-of-the-art technology and maintains the highest manufacturing standards. The result is that ProCharger products consistently deliver horsepower and torque enhancements while ensuring optimal drivability and reliability. A standard ProCharger supercharger system can provide up to an 85 percent increase in power for certain vehicle applications. And no extra engine modifications, specialized fuels, or extended cool-down periods are required.

ProCharger notes that intercooled, centrifugal supercharging stands out as the most engine-friendly and straightforward forced air induction method. The company also offers the industry’s coolest intake charge air temperatures. Significantly reducing charge air temperatures enhances both performance and engine lifespan. Additionally, ProCharger provides Tuner Kits and diverse supercharger upgrades. These options enable you to fine-tune the tuning independently, resulting in the greatest horsepower gains feasible.

About The ProCharger Supercharger For The 2010-2022 Toyota 4Runner

The ProCharger supercharger kit for the 4Runner fits 2010-2022 models. The system generates 7-8 psi of boost, resulting in a 40-45 percent horsepower increase, according to the company. Features include a D-1SC gear-driven, centrifugal supercharger. Some of its features include self-contained lubrication and a billet impeller. The kit also contains a stout, air-to-air three-core intercooler; new fuel injectors; and a billet mounting bracket. Furthermore, a new battery tray, surge valve, and much more.

ProCharger’s turnkey system requires no permanent modifications, so it’s 100 percent reversible. The placement of the supercharger and intercooler minimizes heat transfer, and the supercharger has its own drive belt. It’s also worth noting that the factory intake manifold and the factory airbox and filter are retained. And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the impeccably written and illustrated step-by-step installation manual.

The Bottom Line

Spoiler alert: The ProCharger kit is indeed easy to install. As you’ll see in the included video, this kit was bolted into the 4Runner on a trail in the desert. And the install was completed without drama using common hand tools as advertised.

The owner of the 4Runner is blown away at the increased performance of the supercharged engine. He says, “I don’t have words, other than it’s freakin’ awesome!” He goes on to say, “I’ve had this car for five years now. It’s paid off, it’s got 100,000 miles. It was getting kind of old, but now I just want to go drive it all day long. This thing is a whole new animal. I’m thoroughly impressed by the ProCharger.” In fact, the ProCharger supercharger shaved almost two seconds off the 4Runner’s 0-60 mph time. For more, check out the included video and visit ProCharger’s website.

Supercharger Install Video





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