Fine-Tune Your 4×4 With The Ultimate9 evcX Throttle Controller

Ultimate9 has created a device that allows you to fine tune your vehicle’s throttle. It’s called the evcX and it offers 8 driving modes, 32 levels of adjustability, and a theft-thwarting Lock Mode. Here’s a look at the Ultimate9 evcX throttle controller.

Throttle Control

Ford F-150-mounted evcX display.

About Ultimate9

The evcX is manufactured by Ultimate9, an Australian company. It specializes in throttle control for vehicles. The company was founded by members in the four-wheel-drive industry who have worked for some of the largest 4×4 accessory brands globally. Thus, Ultimate9’s focus is on four-wheel-drive vehicles and the benefits of throttle control. However, the company makes throttle controllers for a wide range of vehicles. The company’s throttle controllers are stocked by all the major automotive retailers in Australia as well as many independent shops and mechanics. Ultimate9 has a foothold in the U.S. as well. In Australia, Ultimate9’s throttle controllers are the most recognized and trusted due to being a quality product at a reasonable price point. Also, a lifetime replacement warranty and hassle-free returns and replacements.

Ultimate9 EVCX Throttle Controller Offers Eight Modes

Ultimate9’s evcX is plug-and-play and can be easily installed in less than 15 minutes. The controller is simply connected in-line between the factory plug and throttle pedal assembly. The evcX driver interface with OLED display can be placed on the dash or console of the vehicle. It offers eight modes:

  • Ultimate9 Mode: Maximum throttle enhancement. It sets the pedal response to the highest setting.
  • Ultimate Mode: This allows enhanced throttle response and the choice of nine sensitivity levels to fine-tune your vehicle’s response.
  • Launch Mode: Improved takeoffs with controlled, maximum throttle enhancement. Launch Mode’s initial response is modified compared to Ultimate9 mode to try and reduce wheel spin and increase traction.
  • Adapt Mode: This mode chooses the best Ultimate throttle response based on your pedal input.
  • Eco Mode: Subdues throttle response for greater control on loose, uneven surfaces such as when off-road. With nine levels to choose from, Eco Mode is great for off-road, heavy traffic, and low-speed towing maneuvers. May also help improve the economy of your vehicle.
  • Anti-Slip Mode: Reduces throttle response and limits rpm to help increase traction. With nine levels of sensitivity, you can gain more control when navigating slippery surfaces such as snow, ice, and mud.
  • Valet Mode: Designed for parking, it reduces throttle response while limiting the available throttle to provide approximately 50 percent maximum rpm.
  • Factory Mode: Replicates factory throttle settings, ideal for sharing your vehicle with an unfamiliar driver.
Throttle Controller

The evcX app is simple to use and allows you to easily explore your evcX’s layouts, color schemes, modes, and sensitivity levels.

Ultimate9 TC App For The EVCX

The Ultimate9 TC App offers wireless control of the evcX. The app is simple to use and allows you to easily explore your evcX’s layouts, color schemes, modes, and sensitivity levels. It’s free to install via the Apple App Store, Google Play, or QR code provided in the evcX instructions. You simply wirelessly pair your app to your evcX according to instructions – there’s no need for mobile data or Wi-Fi to adjust your controller’s settings via your smartphone.

Throttle Control

The evcX display can be conveniently disconnected and carried along using the provided pouch.

Lock Mode Disables Throttle Input To Thwart Thieves

The evcX also offers a Lock Mode that’ll thwart thieves by disabling all throttle input. This feature operates as an extra protective layer for the vehicle, ensuring unauthorized access is obstructed effectively. Unlike traditional throttle controls, which are physically visible, the throttle controller in the evcX model can only be managed through the accompanying app. Consequently, potential thieves are unable to identify the source of throttle unresponsiveness easily. Moreover, the evcX display can be conveniently disconnected and carried along using the provided pouch. Or it can be concealed within the vehicle before leaving it unattended.

EVCX Can Be Used With Other Performance Products

Ultimate9 says the evcX can be used with other performance products. In fact, the company says that the evcX is a great compliment to many aftermarket performance modifications. For example, ECU tune, dyno tune, ECU remap, power chip or ECU reflash focus on many parameters outside your throttle pedal response. Parameters like fuel injection, ignition timing, boost pressure, and so on. And, while some tuners also include pedal mapping in their services, it is also often non-adjustable. Example: Your tune/chip/remap may be too aggressive for driving off-road or in wet conditions. With the evcX, you can subdue your throttle response and have far more control over the power to your wheels. Alternatively, if you have the power but suffer from lag or means to access your optimal power range, the controller can enhance your throttle response.

Throttle Controller

The Ultimate9 TC App offers wireless control of the evcX.

More Information Available

For more information about Ultimate9’s evcX throttle controller, visit the company’s website. You’ll find additional information about the features and benefits of the throttle controller as well as complete application information.

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