Big, Grippy, Fortified: Mickey Thompson’s New 42-Inch Baja Boss M/T

Take a good look at Mickey Thompson’s new 42×13.50R17LT Baja Boss M/T tire. The company says that this mud-terrain tire is specifically designed with late model Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator models in mind. Why? Well, the company notes the tire can fit said vehicles with many common off-the-shelf lifts and aftermarket fenders. The benefits of the big 42-inch mud tires are many and include a higher ride clearance as well as the Baja Boss M/Ts exceptional sidewall grip.

42-inch Baja Boss M/T Specs

The new radial 42-inchers have an overall diameter of 41.9 inches, a section width of 13.6 inches, and a tread width of 11 inches. There’s a generous tread depth of 22/32nds and the tire tips the scales at 92 pounds. The load range C tire has a maximum inflation pressure of 35 psi and a max load rating of 3,750 pounds.

Competition-Proven Mud Tire

The Baja Boss M/T is Mickey Thompson’s top-tier, competition proven mud-terrain tire. In fact, the tire clinched victory in the 2023 King of the Hammers Every Man challenge. But it’s also a solid performer on-road. The Baja Boss M/T boasts an innovative asymmetrical tread pattern meticulously engineered to diminish noise while simultaneously enhancing off-road traction and on-road handling. Its revolutionary design incorporates extreme Sidebiters. These amplify off-road traction and safeguard against potential damage. The tire’s Powerply XD 3-Ply construction reinforces the sidewalls, fortifying resistance against punctures while ensuring responsive handling. Moreover, a silica-reinforced compound elevates on-road tread longevity, wet performance, and overall durability.

Traction, Noise Reduction, Improved Handling, And More

The Baja Boss M/T has an asymmetrical tread pattern aimed at noise reduction and improved handling. This is combined with extra-large four-pitch Sidebiters for heightened off-road traction. Mickey Thompson says the result is an unparalleled driving experience. Furthermore, the tire includes Powerply XD technology. This features heavier denier cord in the angled third ply. This results in enhanced puncture resistance as well as quicker steering response and greater stability. Additionally, stone ejector ribs are strategically placed to prevent stone drilling. Finally, the T4 silica-reinforced compound guarantees exceptional wet handling and braking performance, resistance against cuts and chips, and extended tread life.

The Baja Boss M/T Lineup Includes 15-24-Inch Wheel Diameters

In addition to the 42×13.50R17LT version, the Baja Boss M/T is available in sizes from 15-24-inch wheel diameters to apply to a variety of leveled and lifted vehicles. Furthermore, there are several sizes with increased load carrying capacity, including load range F.

The Big 42s Were Designed To Fulfill A Need

Mickey Thompson created the new 42-inch Baja Boss M/Ts to answer a need. “When we launched it in 2019, the Baja Boss M/T line quickly gained a reputation for delivering an unrivaled off-road experience,” said Ben Anderson, senior product manager, Light Truck On & Off-Road, at Mickey Thompson. “When we saw how many off-road enthusiasts were pushing their builds to new limits, we knew we had to step up and expand the Baja Boss M/T lineup to include the larger sizes they are looking for.”

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