Plug & Play Display With Fitech EFI And Dakota Digital Gauges

Installing fuel injection under the hood of a vintage car or truck has never been easier. Self-learning fuel systems and simple harness connections have made swapping to EFI a great way to modernize any vehicle. Now, fuel injection specialist, Fitech, and gauge innovator, Dakota Digital, have joined forces to create a plug-and-play integration between the two systems.

A Modular Marriage

With so many systems designed to improve the way our vehicles operate and how we communicate with them, the issue soon becomes finding a way to allow all these systems to communicate with each other. Thanks to this electronic, BIM module-centered marriage between Fitech and Dakota Digital, all of the benefits of each system are now joined together and easier to use and access.

The Dakota Digital module connects to the Fitech EFI system via a short plug-and-play harness. You can then set up your Fitech EFI through the handheld controller and make adjustments to your gauge's new information through Dakota Digital's handy App.

With the addition of Dakota Digital’s Fitech-specific bridge module, you’ll get direct communication between your Fitech fuel injection system and the additional information provided by Dakota Digital’s amazing gauge systems. The Dakota Digital BIM-series modules allow you to add up to an additional 16 readouts to your current Dakota Digital gauges.

fitech and dakota digital integration

By joining Fitech and Dakota Digital systems, your gauges can now show information such as shown in this chart.

This integration of Fitech and Dakota Digital centers around a specific module, designed to read the engine information from FiTech’s LS, TBI, and TCU kits. The BIM-01-2-FTCH module is a direct plug-in using the supplied two- or four-pin harness for a simple connection to the FiTech EFI system. The module is designed to decode the information provided by the FiTech ECU and supply this information to Dakota Digital’s VFD3 rev. G, VHX, RTX, and HDX control box instrument systems.

With this new integration of Fitech and Dakota Digital, you’ll have information from a bevy of gauges without having to find room to hang all the additional gauges. All this pertinent information will come through the applicable Dakota Digital gauges, which are designed to fit into the existing gauge bezels for your specific car or truck. Check out the video on this new Fitech and Dakota Digital integration and see how much more you can learn from your Dakota Digital gauges.

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