Ultimate Fathers Day Gift For The Big Guy Who Has It All

What do you get for the ultimate dad? What is the ultimate Fathers Day gift for the big guy who has it all? Surely there is something that will knock his socks off. Well, we found it, and surprisingly, it comes in the form of a gift card. No, we are not tripping. Hear us out.

This is no ordinary generic gift card. Nope, it is all stainless-steel laser etched and comes with a hand-selected designer wallet too. But that is not the fancy part. It should be noted this gift card cannot be redeemed at a box store, and it is no good at Amazon. In fact, it is only good for one single vendor that is known the world over for its bespoke custom creations. ECD Automotive Design is the largest Land Rover restoration company specializing in one-of-one high-end luxury builds. They are offering a very exclusive gift card package that comes fully loaded.

Ultimate Fathers Day Gift For The Big Guy Who Has It All

So, what do you get and what is the big deal? E.C.D. is offering an exclusive Ultimate Platinum Card with a face value of $200,000. With it, Dad can purchase, design, and create his very own vintage Land Rover. The card will also garner a one-on-one first-class experience with ECD’s design team and concierge program at the company’s headquarters in Kissimmee, Florida, all included.

Ultimate Fathers Day Gift For The Big Guy Who Has It All

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Ultimate Fathers Day Gift: Creating A Custom Defender From Scratch

Building a custom defender with the land rover restoration expert at ECD is a complete one-of-one task. Each custom defender is made to order with the client advising every detail.

ECD Auto Design Custom Creations:

  • Unlimited Custom Paint Choices
  • Custom Interiors Re-Imagined
  • Custom Drivetrains
  • Custom Accessory Upgrades

ECD Auto Design builds hundreds of custom creations. They can be as tame or as exotic as the vehicle commissioner desires. All of them are different but they all have one thing in common; a total ground-up restoration to like new or better.

No matter who that father figure is in your life, they surely deserve something extra special. Consider an ultra-exclusive ultimate Fathers Day gift they will cherish and enjoy for many years to come.

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