2019 And Newer Emissions-Legal Ram Turbo Upgrade

Ram turbo upgrade

If you’re ready to give your 2019 through 2022 Cummins-powered Ram a turbo upgrade but want to retain all emissions legality, Fleece Performance has just what you need. The new Cheetah Turbocharger for 2019 through 2022 Ram sets the industry standard for power, quality, and reliability. now is the best time to tackle that Ram turbo upgrade.

The Cheetah series does not require an expensive kit, to “swap out” the turbo, this Ram turbo upgrade is a bolt-it-on-and-go proposition. Designed as a stock-appearing, drop-in replacement turbocharger the Cheetah is actually capable of much more. With an exclusive 63mm FMW compressor wheel and Inconel turbine wheel technology, you’ll enjoy smooth throttle response, big top-end power, and that classic Cheetah sound.

While this Ram turbo upgrade looks the same as any other. It’s what is on the inside that counts. This turbo upgrade uses a stock housing with updated internals. This allows you to keep all of your factory systems intact, yet affords you the opportunity to run more boost, in fact, nearing the 40-psi mark.

Ram turbo upgrade

Each Cheetah is outfitted with upgraded shaft bearings and 360-degree thrust bearings. These are an excellent design that gets us excited. The 360-degree thrust bearing is located within the center cartridge and allows a layer of oil to completely encompass the turbine shaft. This is unlike the 75-percent coverage offered by the factory’s 270-degree bearing. Also, since they’re small but mighty, these turbos offer stock-like spooling, which allows you to get your trailer moving sooner, thanks to the Variable Nozzle Technology (VNT).

The Cheetah comes with a two-year limited warranty, and carries CARB EO Number D-834-2

This Ram Turbo upgrade includes the exhaust flange gasket, exhaust flange studs and nuts, a turbo oil drain gasket, and coolant banjo sealing washers. But as they say on late-night television, “but wait, there’s more.”

When you are installing your new Ram turbo upgrade you can eliminate the installation headaches associated with a non-flexible OE drain line with Fleece Performance’s all-new silicone hose drain tube kit.


This turbo drain kit is designed for use with all 2019+ 6.7-liter Cummins equipped Dodge Ram factory VGT turbochargers and aftermarket drop-in replacements like the Cheetah Series. It features a larger ID smooth silicone hose and black anodized billet aluminum fittings with integral O-rings. The patent pending drain hose simplifies turbocharger installation and will ensure proper oil drainage from your turbocharger.

Finally, to make sure your turbo has sufficient oil Fleece has a new replacement turbocharger oil feed line kit designed for use with a Cheetah or stock Holset VGT turbochargers in the factory location.  The line features a smooth-bore Teflon hose and AN fittings.

So, if you’re ready for a Cheetah, maybe it’s time your Ram turbo upgrade gets underway. Remember, it’s emissions legal and you get more power. What’s not to like?

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