What It Takes To Race Prep For King Of The Hammers With Blake Wilkey

Last year, Blake Wilkey debuted his Jaws Trophy Truck Baja Bug during the 2022 King Of The Hammers event. At the time he had just finished the construction and build-out of the vehicle, so it was not tested or race ready for competition. Since then, they (Blake and a merry band of friends and volunteers) have spent the year dialing in this one-of-a-kind, VW Bug-inspired off-road racing monster. Now, one year later, Wilkey is bringing out his “Shark Den” stable of vehicles to compete at the 2023 King Of The Hammers and he is race ready!

What It Takes To Race Prep For King Of The Hammers With Blake Wilkey

Blake’s KOH race schedule includes racing both his Jaws Trophy Truck and his Class 11 Baja Bug in the Toyo Tires Desert Challenge. We also heard that he may enter the @Ultra3_Racing ATC 70 Death Loop 3 Wheeler race under a neon LED teepee tent. Sounds wild but also right in line with Wilkey’s style.

It Is Not Wilkey’s First Rodeo

Confident and as determined as ever to race for another win, Blake has been on a mission to fuel his high-octane lifestyle. Stacked with a crazy busy schedule that zigzags across the country and beyond, Wilkey finds himself at all kinds of events ranging from the internationally proclaimed Mint 400 down to grassroots-style Midwest Off-road Dirt Fest. And when he is not racing, he is shredding in the sand dunes of Glamis, ripping trails on snow capped mountains, and blasting white water rapids in the rivers of of Idado.

It is Blake Wilkey’s hard work and dedication that paves the way for him to operate at this level. Long days and even longer nights in the shop are the only reason Wilkey is afforded the opportunities in front of him. Last year, Off Road Xtreme went down to tour the “Shark Den” and learn what it takes to prepare for a high-profile off-road race. Having Blake explain the process was pretty revealing. Standing back and looking at his Class 11 race program, the results speak for themselves. Wilkey has accumulated multiple championships and nearly thirty race wins.

What It Takes To Race Prep For The Mint 400 With Blake Wilkey

Race Prep With Blake Wilkey For King Of The Hammers: KOH Or Bust

In his efforts to prepare for the 2023 King Of The Hammers and the Toyo Tires Desert Challenge, Wilkey posted a short YouTube video that shares just how much tedious work is involved. He explains his intentions to race the Class 11 Baja Bug, and his Jaws Trophy Truck and what it takes to get them race ready for competition. Basically, even on a light prep, most everything is getting looked at if not gone through or refreshed. In this video it is KOH or bust!

Jaws Debuted At King Of The Hammers 2022

To learn and see more about the Jaws Trophy Truck Baja Bug, check out the Method Race Wheels reveal video and our Off Road Xtreme article below that list all the vehicle specifications. We also share a first-hand exclusive interview where Blake shares the story of what inspired the build.

Blake Wilkey’s Garage Built Jaws Trophy Truck Baja Bug Is Awesome

What It Takes To Race Prep For King Of The Hammers With Blake Wilkey

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