New, Old 4×4: LT1-Stuffed 1972 Chevy K5 Blazer On Coilovers

The Chevy K5 Blazer has an incredible history. Its run began with the 1969 model year and continued until 1991. Even though decades have elapsed since General Motors ended K5 production, the big SUV has a loyal following. Among the lineage, the first-gen model that was produced until 1972 stands out as one of the most popular K5s. Its styling, combined with a full removable top and a solid front axle, is a vehicle that can trigger extreme craving in vintage 4×4 fans.

Which bring us to this incredible 1972 Chevy K5 Blazer. It’s a high-end build, with impeccable attention to detail and a few shiny bits. But it’s also functional, with proven, stout parts.

This 1972 Chevy K5 Blazer Has A Beefy Chassis And A Stout Drivetrain

The K5’s chassis is a custom Roadster Shop unit. It has 5×2.5-inch, 0.188-inch-wall framerails that provide a significant strength upgrade over the stock K5 chassis. Additionally, the framerails space out 3.5 inches wider than stock. One of the benefits of the wider spacing is easy header installation. Other features of the chassis include a structural center crossmember with drop-out transmission and transfer case mounts.

A Roadster Shop chassis serves as the foundation for the K5. An LT1 V8 is bolted to the frame and it's backed by a 10L80 transmission and Advance Adapters Atlas 2 transfer case.

Nestled in the chassis is a LT1 6.2L V8 engine. This 376ci mill punches out 460 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 465 lb-ft of torque at 4,600 rpm. The V8 is fit with a Holley Mid Mount Accessory System and a custom Velocity 2 into 1 performance exhaust system. It’s fed via a Velocity 22-gallon aluminum fuel tank. A Hydra-Matic 10L80 10-speed automatic transmission mates to the powerplant. Power flows downstream through an Advance Adapters Atlas 2 transfer case, where it’s split to the axles.

A Dana 44 resides up front and it’s fitted with Warn Premium manual hubs. The four-link suspension includes Fox 2.5 shocks.

Axles, Brakes, Suspension

Up front is a Dana 44 axle with Warn Premium manual hubs. Out back, a Dana 60 houses a limited-slip differential. Each axle has 3.73 gears. To rein in forward velocity, each axle has 11-inch Wilwood disc brake rotors and four-piston calipers. Furthermore, the braking system also includes an iBooster vacuum-independent, electromechanical brake booster. Finally, there are no leaf springs under this K5. Instead, the SUV is fitted with a stout RockJock 4×4 Johnny Joint-equipped four-link system and Fox 2.5 coilover shocks.

The K5's interior has a five-point rollcage, a Dakota Digital gauge cluster, touchscreen head unit with Bluetooth capability, and much more.

Upgraded Interior

Inside, the K5 maintains its familiar original vibe, but it has undergone upgrades with several aftermarket mods. It has low-back front seats, a rear Procar bench seat, and an IDIDIT tilt steering column. Additionally, there’s a five-point rollcage, a Dakota Digital gauge cluster, and touchscreen head unit with Bluetooth capability. Furthermore, the K5 has air conditioning, power windows, and a Focal sound system comprised of four speakers and a subwoofer. Finally, there’s a backup camera and the floor is lined with carpet.

The K5 has all-new glass and weather seals and the sheen of BASF’s premium Glasurit paint.

Stunning Exterior

The K5 has all-new glass and weather seals and the sheen of BASF’s premium Glasurit paint. The SUV rolls on 35×12.50R18 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2s mounted to 9-inch-wide alloy wheels. Other exterior mods include JW Speaker LED headlights, a canvas safari top, and retractable running boards.

Built By Velocity Restorations

Who builds a K5 to this level? Well, that’s Velocity Restorations in Florida. The company says its goal is to retain the classic look and aesthetic of the original vehicle while delivering modern reliability and performance. It accomplishes this by integrating contemporary parts and components with vintage design. Velocity’s vehicles evoke the nostalgia and emotion of driving a classic vehicle, without any of the hassle.

The company’s 135,000 square-foot facility is staffed by a team of over 120 skilled enthusiasts. Velocity says it is the sole classic vehicle manufacturer performing all work in-house. The company delivers unmatched attention to every detail, with a proven process and guaranteed timelines, which sets a new standard in classic vehicle manufacturing. Velocity utilizes an assembly line-style system that consists of four lines.

Velocity Restorations offers several vehicles that will grab the attention of 4×4 fans. In addition to K5 Blazers, the company offers vintage Ford Broncos, Ford F-250s, and International Scouts. As noted earlier, these are high-end builds, and they’re priced accordingly. Visit the Velocity Restorations website for more info.

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