Four Bolt-On Upgrades Your Ford Bronco Needs

When the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco hit showrooms, it left everyone in awe. Among other things, Ford designed the SUV with a modular platform that allows it to be modified quick and easy. In 2021, the company said, “The Bronco two- and four-door SUVs were designed and engineered from a clean slate to make off-road customization easy, quick and attainable for all enthusiasts with a wide variety of interests and skill levels.”

And that is where ARIES stepped in. The company immediately capitalized on the all-new Bronco and rolled out several products that leverage the SUVs design. ARIES, a Lippert brand, is a fast-paced marketer and innovator of truck, Jeep, SUV and CUV accessories. ARIES products combine quality and functionality to make the Bronco even better.

In this piece we’re highlighting four products from ARIES portfolio of Bronco products. First, we look at the easy-to-install Tube Doors, and then the beefy ForeFront Grille Guard. Then, the versatile Aluminum Platform Roof Rack, and finally, the handy 4-Inch Black Steel Oval Side Bars.

ARIES tube doors are available for two- and four-door Broncos. They’re crafted from mandrel-bent, hardened T6 aluminum tubing, which makes them robust yet lightweight.

Tube Doors

Ford designed the Bronco’s doors to be easily removable. In fact, Ford says it only requires taking off two bolts per door and disconnecting an electrical connector. The company says each door takes between two and four minutes to remove depending on the skill level of the customer. ARIES capitalized on this great Bronco feature with its Tube Doors. These open-air, safari-style doors offer a safer alternative for open-air travel while enhancing visibility and transforming your Bronco’s visual aesthetics.

The tube doors are crafted from mandrel-bent, hardened T6 aluminum tubing, which gives them robust yet lightweight construction. TIG welding ensures superior weld strength, mitigating the risk of cracking and ensuring longevity despite rigorous use. The black carbide powdercoat finish not only deters corrosion but also prevents scratches. This is ideal for navigating through dense vegetation and rocky landscapes.

ARIES tube doors are designed to seamlessly integrate with the factory door hinge points of your two- or four-door Ford Bronco. This means easy installation without requiring modifications such as cutting, or drilling. This compatibility ensures that opening and closing the doors won’t cause damage or scraping, maintaining the integrity of your vehicle while enhancing its functionality. The low-profile design accommodates OEM side-view mirrors and will not interfere with factory accessories. Additionally, the tube doors feature concealed, internal latches for a sleek, inconspicuous appearance.

Door Hinge Covers Hide The Door Hinges

It’s important to note that ARIES also offers Door Hinge Covers for two- and four-door Broncos. These are designed to be used when the company’s tube doors are installed. They hide the door hinges and inner fenders and serve as a barrier against branches and sticks while on the trail. They’re made from robust aluminum, finished with a carbide black powdercoat like the tube doors, and are easy to install.

The ARIES ForeFront grille guard is a four-point, frame-mounted system. It has a fully welded center piece and side brush guards to protect the headlights.

ForeFront Grille Guard

The ARIES ForeFront Bronco Grille Guard not only looks cool, but it also offers protection. It’s crafted from carbon steel, which helps it offer top-tier durability. Additionally, its sleek design seamlessly complements your vehicle’s contours for a smooth appearance.

The ForeFront grille guard boasts a fully welded center piece and a four-point, frame-mounted system. This ensures stability and strength. Side brush guards offer extra safeguarding for your headlights. Moreover, integrated light mounts facilitate easy installation of aftermarket LED lights, while built-in towhooks enhance versatility. The grille guard is finished with an E-coat and semi-gloss black powdercoating, which offers corrosion resistance.

Lightweight and strong, the ARIES Aluminum Platform Roof Rack is ideal for roof-mounted gear including lights.

Aluminum Platform Roof Rack

Off-roading and overlanding require a lot of gear. And while the Ford Bronco offers a fair amount of interior space, sometimes that gear either won’t fit inside or it’s designed for exterior mounting. ARIES Textured Black Aluminum Platform Roof Rack is available for both two-door and four-door Broncos. It’s engineered specifically to accommodate your gear on rugged trails. The roof rack is constructed from thick aluminum, and it facilitates easy attachment of various accessories. You know, things like cargo boxes, spare tires, hard cases, and kayaks or canoes. Furthermore, you can effortlessly mount lightbars and pod lights on the side-mounted accessory panels for enhanced visibility during nocturnal adventures. In fact, it offers 360-degree lightbar and pod light mounting options.

The rack features sturdy 1.5-inch-diameter aluminum tube construction, which offers strength and durability while ensuring weight efficiency. This attention to keeping the roof rack’s weight low (under 62 pounds) proves advantageous when loading up for expeditions where excess weight is a concern. Moreover, the aluminum structure undergoes a liquid E-coat treatment to prevent corrosion and promote longevity. It is then finished with a robust carbide black powdercoat, guaranteeing maximum resistance against scratches and scuffs.

Transporting and installing the ARIES Overland roof rack is a hassle-free process. Its thick aluminum platform-style design enables swift bolt-up using basic handtools. The roof rack is designed to eliminate the need to modify your Bronco and requires no cutting or drilling of the vehicle body. It simply bolts on.

ARIES 4-Inch Black Steel Oval Side Bars are available for two- and four-door Broncos and they’re made from elliptical heavy-wall tubing.

4-Inch Black Steel Oval Side Bars

Side bars can help with several tasks including passenger ingress and egress, loading and unloading of a roof rack, and protection of rocker panels when traveling off-road. ARIES 4-inch Black Steel Oval Side Bars for two-door Broncos and ARIES 4-Inch Black Steel Oval Side Bars for four-door Broncos combine a sleek design and robust functionality. Crafted from durable 4-inch elliptical heavy-wall tubing, these boast unique blended end caps and 20-degree bent ends that conform to the vehicle’s body. The side bars have raised step pads that feature a non-skid surface. Two finish options are available: polished stainless steel and black powdercoated carbon steel. The ARIES 4-Inch Black Steel Oval Side Bars are available for both two- and four-door Broncos. They feature no-drill installation along with all essential hardware necessary, including heavy-duty steel mounting brackets.

For Adventures Beyond The Paved Road

These four products are some of what ARIES has to offer for the Ford Bronco, but there’s much more. Each ARIES product is made to enhance the Bronco and its capabilities. The company says, “ARIES off-road accessories for Ford Bronco are built for taking your adventures far beyond where the paved roads end. We offer a full line up of products from front bumpers and grille guards to tube doors and fender flares and roof racks, side steps and LED lights. Take your Bronco beyond the Badlands with ARIES off-road accessories and explore the vast wilderness that nature has to offer.”

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