Fifth-Gen Ram Suspension Kit For Those Who Tow And Haul

As truck owners, we all want to add a few upgrades to our rigs. However, when that truck is new, it sometimes takes a while for the aftermarket to offer some of the parts we want. I recently got an email about a fifth-gen Ram suspension upgrade for 2500 truck owners who wish to upgrade their suspension and still tow and haul stuff.

This latest announcement is about the new Synergy Manufacturing Stage 1 Suspension System that actually fits 2014 and newer Ram trucks. It is designed to deliver excellent off-road performance and handling while retaining its towing capacity. The precision-engineered components provide increased articulation, allowing your truck to easily conquer obstacles. The Synergy Stage 1 system is tuned for optimal balance between comfort and off-road capability, and to handle the challenges of off-road adventures because your journey deserves the best in both comfort and performance.

According to Synergy MFG Suspension Systems, the combined effect of the components is greater than the sum of the individual parts. The fifth-gen Ram suspension system’s performance is the most important factor when we are designing components to work together. Synergy MFG Suspension Systems are complete systems for your vehicle and include all necessary components for the lift height and performance advertised. Coil springs and shocks are two of the largest determining factors in ride quality and a mismatched system will never perform to its potential.

fifth gen ram suspension

This easy-to-install kit is fully upgradable if the need arises in the future.

The multi-rate, progressively wound coil springs increase lift height to 2 or 3 inches over stock. The front and rear coil springs have been designed specifically for the Ram platform. The spring’s free length prevents the coils from coming unseated at full articulation and coil spring block height has been designed around optimal bump stop spacing for the lift height and tire size. An industry first, closed and ground lower ends of the front coil springs ensure perfect fitment. Synergy coil springs are guaranteed to resist bowing and have a lifetime guarantee against sagging/breakage.

This upgraded coil spring suspension system for the fifth-gen Ram allows you to easily fit larger tires while maintaining a smooth ride. It also corrects suspension geometry to center front and rear axles and fine-tune alignment and pinion angles. Using taller springs instead of blocks and spacers will greatly improve wheel travel and articulation, which helps deliver smooth ride quality and performance.

The fifth-gen Ram 2500 2-inch Stage 1 Kit retains factory rake while the 3-inch Stage 1 Kit will level the truck. Both are complete bolt-on systems for easy installation and are compatible with OEM wheels. Synergy offers a lifetime warranty on all hard parts and each kit is fully upgradeable to their higher level systems if future upgrades are desired.


  • Front and rear adjustable bump stop spacer kits are included to provide the necessary clearance required for larger tires.
  • New rear sway bar relocation brackets are added to the rear to allow full articulation of the rear suspension and maintain compatibility with stock wheels.
  • Front sway bar end links allow easy disconnection of the front sway bar for maximum articulation of the front suspension when used off-road.
  • Adjustable front track bar allows centering of the front axle and allows greater articulation in the front end.
  • The rear track bar relocation bracket raises the rear roll center to reduce body roll and centers the rear axle. It also helps minimize rear sway when towing
  • Suspension components feature an abrasion-resistant powder coat finish for maximum durability and corrosion resistance.
  • 100 percent bolt-on components assure an easy, trouble-free installation with the use of basic hand tools.

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