Win This Prestige Motorsports 408 Cubic-Inch LS Engine From Holley

The folks at Holley Performance Brands have been helping enthusiasts build horsepower for decades with scores of engine components, fueling options, and even exhaust systems. When it comes to assembling horsepower, the team at Prestige Motorsports has proven their ability to get the most performance out of those components. These two powerhouses have now combined efforts for the Holley 2024 LS Engine Giveaway.

One extremely lucky entrant will be drawn as the winner and announced on approximately June 21, 2024. The lucky winner will receive this awesome 408 cubic-inch LS engine and an additional $5,000 to cover the taxes on their winnings!

Holley 2024 LS Giveaway Engine

The Holley 2024 LS Giveaway Engine is the complete package, including fuel, spark, and front-mounted accessories, making installation as simple as possible. And you could win it!

The opportunity to sign up for the Holley 2024 LS Engine Giveaway is open until June 15, 2024. You can enter by going to Holley’s website or directly to the Holley 2024 LS Engine Giveaway webpage at the link and fully completing and submitting your entry. You can also enter by purchasing any product at before the Holley 2024 LS Engine Giveaway ends. You will be automatically entered into the sweepstakes. However, note that no purchase is necessary to enter this sweepstakes, and a purchase will not increase your odds of winning.

Building LS-Based Horsepower

When it comes to building horsepower, the power-dense LS-based platform has become the favorite of enthusiasts around the globe. The late-model small-block Chevy engine has again found its way under the hoods of a variety of makes and models. This particular giveaway engine starts with an iron, LQ4/LQ9-based 6.0-liter block.

Holley 2024 LS Giveaway Engine block

The foundation for this build is a 6.0-liter iron block that could be found in pickups and large SUVs in junkyards all across the country.

The block was machined by Prestige’s power-merchants and stuffed with a forged, Liberty Performance stroker crankshaft with 4-inches of throw to get 408 cubic inches. The crankshaft uses a 58-tooth reluctor wheel for precise data to the Holley Terminator X ECU and the cam position sensor is now located up front, on the timing cover like the newer-generation LS engines.

A set of DSS Racing pistons and Liberty, forged H-beam rods cap off the rotating assembly.

A full complement of Liberty’s forged H-beam connecting rods keeps precisely 6.125-inches between the crankshaft and the DSS Racing 4.030-sized pistons. Topside, the pistons will provide a final compression ratio of 10.9:1 with the installed 69cc combustion chambered heads.

A hydraulic roller camshaft from Comp Cams is ground with 235/243 degrees of duration at 0.050-inches of tappet lift. There are 110 degrees of lobe separation on a 105-degree centerline. The roller lifters are slightly upgraded over stock but still utilize the stock-style lifter trays, which saves the added expense of tie-bar lifters.

Each bank will be capped with Prestige Motorsports’ aluminum heads that incorporate the better LS7-style ports, but still accept the stock-style LS3 intake manifolds and exhaust. The stock 1.7:1 rockers have upgraded trunnions for better longevity. Valve springs are installed at approximately 140 pounds on the seat and 400 pounds fully open.

The "as-cast" cylinder heads are Prestige Motorsports’ own casting. The intake manifold is a Holley Ultra Lo-Ram, powder coated in black and fitted with a 105 mm throttle body.

The Holley 2024 LS giveaway engine is topped with a Holley Ultra Lo-Ram modular intake that has been powder-coated in black. The intake’s low profile allows it to fit under many hood lines and still provides excellent power throughout the entire RPM range. A 105 mm Holley large-bore throttle body equipped for drive-by-cable actuation is included to simplify installation into older body styles.

Finishing the Holley 2024 LS Engine

The lucky winner will be ecstatic to know that Holley components are used gratuitously to finish off the entire build of this engine. To make installation as simple as possible into a variety of chassis, a Holley oil pan is used for the most clearance possible. A Holley EFI fuel rail system delivers the goods to each port at the appropriate time. To light everything off, a set of Holley valve covers house a complete set of MSD coils and Holley plug wires.

There is also a complete Holley front accessory drive system making the Holley 2024 LS engine a plug-and-play endeavor. The genius of the mid-mount design is that everything mounts off the custom water pump casting, keeping the accessories tight and compact to the engine to eliminate chassis interference issues.

If you want to watch this entire build unfold, check out the video above from the Horsepower Monster himself, and be sure to watch until the end when the engine goes against the Prestige Motorsports dyno!

Enter To Win The Holley 2024 LS Giveaway Engine

The team of Holley Performance Brands and Prestige Motorsports have created a powerhouse of late-model performance, and the best part is you can enter to win it. Simply go to the Holley 2024 LS Giveaway Engine website and fill in the required information. Or as mentioned before, purchasing products on Holley’s website before 11:59 P.M. CST on June 15, 2024, will automatically enter you for a chance to win this amazing engine. Either way, the Holley 2024 LS Giveaway Engine is one sweepstakes you’ll not want to miss, so don’t delay! Good luck!

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