A Weight Distribution Hitch That Takes Guesswork Out Of Towing

If you tow trailers, you have surely needed to utilize a weight distribution hitch (WDH) at least once. With tongue-heavy trailers, a WDH is a necessity for safe towing. But finding an actual tongue weight to get the WDH properly adjusted is often a crapshoot of guessing and hoping for the best. If you use a weight distribution hitch or even need a better one, check out the Weigh Safe True Tow Heavyweight Gen 2.

This latest True Tow Heavyweight is equipped with advanced technology that will measure the tongue weight being exerted on your vehicle. This offers precise measurements and the necessary force to evenly distribute weight throughout your towing setup. With the industry’s easiest and quickest installation process, it ensures hassle-free setup.

A Weight Distribution Hitch For Everyone

Whether you have a lifted truck or one that is riding at stock height, the True Tow Heavyweight WDH is available in a configuration to fit your truck. With drop lengths covering 4, 6, 8, or 10 inches, and shank sizes of 2 or 2-1/2 inches everyone can to safer. The True Tow Heavyweight is available in two weight options, of either 18,500 pounds GTW or 22,000 pounds GTW, ensuring you find the perfect hitch for your towing needs.

One big issue with most weight distribution hitches is tailgate access. With other weight distribution hitches, when the trailer is connected, lowering your tailgate is not possible. With the True Tow Heavyweight, the tailgate of most trucks can be lowered without interference.

weight distribution hitch

The True Tow Weight Distribution hitch features a built-in gauge to eliminate the guesswork from proper weight distribution. This gauge accurately measures tongue weight and overall distributed weight, ensuring a balanced setup and a towing.

With Weigh Safe’s tongue-weight gauging technology and accompanying True Tow app, you can say goodbye to the uncertainty of whether your trailer is loaded correctly or if your hitch is properly set up.  That means you can spend less time guessing and more time safely towing.

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