OPTIMA Unplugged 2024: 67 EVs, 2 Days Of Trail Rides, And Much More

OPTIMA Batteries hosted its second annual OPTIMA Unplugged event during King of the Hammers week in Johnson Valley, California. The OPTIMA Unplugged powered by Clarios event is billed at the ultimate gathering of electrified enthusiasts. It’s the chance for guests to see how capable their EV and hybrid vehicles are during two days of trail rides. For 2024 it drew a record number of EVs. The event included the OPTIMA Oasis at The Forty, a 10-acre, private, gated facility for OPTIMA Unplugged attendees.

OPTIMA Unplugged Drew 67 Vehicles to the Trail

This year’s OPTIMA Unplugged event included EV models from Rivian, Tesla, Ford, Jeep, and Kia. A total of 67 vehicles participated in the trail rides, allowing drivers to explore the iconic Johnson Valley terrain. Throughout the trail rides, professional drivers and experts such as Tanner Foust, Justin Pawlak, Chris Forsberg, Luke Johnson, and Matt Gaskins provided handy off-road tips. Following the beginner trail ride on Thursday, Tanner Foust presented the Trailer Park Drift event. Professional drifter and off-road racer Amanda Sorensen emerged as the winner, securing bragging rights. Attendees later enjoyed quintessential King of the Hammers entertainment, including live bands, and opportunities to engage with leaders in sustainable off-roading. The OPTIMA Oasis was powered by renewable energy, and it provided a venue for camping, dining, and networking among electrified off-road enthusiasts.

Renewable Innovations Provided Level 2 and Level 3 Power

On the topic of energy, OPTIMA Unplugged had that dialed in for all participants. Throughout the event, attendees had access to Level 2 Wallbox chargers and Level 3 fast chargers for their vehicles. The event’s zero-carbon green renewable energy was sourced from Renewable Innovations’ hydrogen-powered generator called Mobile Energy Command – Hydrogen (MEC-H). Also, a solar-powered Mobile Energy Command – Solar (MEC-S). The MEC-H system stores up to 450 kWh. It employs hydrogen to fuel generators, ensuring continual energy storage. Simultaneously, the MEC-S generates 50 kW of peak power. It does this through two large solar wheels. Renewable Innovations’ equipment provided the power needed to recharge participants EVs as well as provide energy for the OPTIMA Oasis.

About King of the Hammers

Hosting OPTIMA Unplugged during King of the Hammers (KOH) was very smart. KOH is a massive event that draws off-road and off-road racing fans from all over the world. It transforms a normally desolate patch of California desert into an exciting mini city. Over the years, the race has transformed from 12 teams vying for bragging rights and a case of beer to over 530 teams competing in front of 80,000 in-person fans and 2 million online viewers. King of the Hammers’ remarkable success led Hammerking Productions to establish the globally expanding Ultra4 Racing Series. Each National Ultra4 series race is a qualifier for the King of The Hammers race for the upcoming year. The series encompasses a wide range of challenges, including endurance desert racing, competition-style rock crawls, and short course racing. Presently, Ultra4 hosts races in the US, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. These take place on both public lands and private properties.

About OPTIMA Batteries

Clarios, LLC, the world’s largest automotive battery manufacturer, produces OPTIMA high-performance batteries. The lineup of OPTIMA batteries includes automotive, marine, heavy-duty AGM, and lithium batteries. The OPTIMA REDTOP, YELLOWTOP, and BLUETOP batteries incorporate SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY. This ensures superior performance in starting and deep cycling applications. The latest addition, OPTIMA ORANGETOP batteries, with six sizes utilizing HYPERCORE LITHIUM technology, expands OPTIMA’s reliable performance range. This inclusion caters to over 95 percent of the powersports market, offering the renowned power and performance of OPTIMA Batteries. Additionally, OPTIMA’s product family features Digital Chargers. These employ advanced multi-stage charging for 12V vehicle batteries, maximizing their life and performance. Clarios is the global leader in advanced, low-voltage battery technologies for mobility. It operates in over 140 countries with 16,000 employees. The company is committed to environmental responsibility. Example: The company recovers, recycles, and reuses up to 99 percent of battery materials.

Keep An Eye Out for OPTIMA Unplugged 2025 Details

Keep an eye out for details on OPTIMA Unplugged 2025 to be part of this unique, EV-focused off-road event. For additional information about OPTIMA Unplugged, visit the OPTIMA Batteries blog. Stay updated on future OPTIMA Unplugged events by following @OPTIMABatteries on Instagram and Facebook or visiting OPTIMABatteries.com.

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