How to Shorten Your 7.3-Liter Godzilla Engine’s Oil Sump

When the 7.3-liter Godzilla engine began emerging as a popular hot-swap candidate for hot rodders, it presented few drawbacks. The push-rod engine generates substantial horsepower and torque in its naturally aspirated form. Initially, cam selections were also limited, but the advantage of needing to purchase only one made a compelling case to skip over the Coyote engine. Some enthusiasts even view it as the second coming of the almighty small-block Ford and the perfect centerpiece to grace the engine bay of their rides.

Nevertheless, the 445-cubic-inch engine wasn’t without a few dimensional drawbacks, although these were not inherent to the engine itself but rather stemmed from its packaging and intended use from Ford. While most of us would have loved to see the powerhouse in an S650 Mustang; it found its place in the heavy-duty truck line. The engine bays of these robust workhorses are both large and deep, accommodating the oversized oil pan and even the banana-neck intake manifold — components that most muscle cars often find challenging to fit without extensive fabrication.

Pioneer Of Products

While one might contemplate resolving the oil pan depth issue by replacing the sump, the challenge arises from Ford’s sophisticated oil pickup system design, incorporating a shaft-driven variable vane oil pump internally mounted. This predicament necessitates either relocating the oil pump through a comprehensive front-mounted conversion kit or, for a simpler approach, utilizing the 7.3-liter Godzilla upgrade stock oil pump kit available from Indy Power Products.

Indy Power Products was among the pioneers in the market to develop comprehensive kits addressing the packaging challenges of Ford’s 7.3-liter behemoth. The fusion of intelligent design and straightforward installation has positioned their products as a convenient choice for individuals seeking American-made solutions to their issues, with a particular emphasis on the oil pump system.

7.3-liter Godzilla

A Simple Solution

Choosing the straightforward approach and opting for Indy Power Products’ 7.3-liter Godzilla upgraded stock oil pump kit entails replacing the deep sump truck oil pan with a 6-inch deep alternative. This is facilitated by the new oil pump cover and relocated oil intake. However, this kit provides more than just a reduction in sump size; it comes with additional features and benefits.

The kit replaces the factory oil pump cover with Indy Power Products’ billet 6061 T6 and hardcoat anodized unit, which not only relocates the oil pickup but in turn shortens its overall depth by 2 inches. The new oil pump cover integrates pressure relief valves that eliminate the computer controller variable pressure control. Additionally, the pressure relief valve redirects excess oil pressure back into the inlet side of the pump. Once the oil pump cover has been installed a trap door style surround fits around the unit. 

With the oil pickup depth issue resolved, an aluminum one-piece rear-sump oil pan can be installed. This new oil pan design features both oil outlet and inlet on the same side, equipped with a comprehensive trap door and baffle system. For those aiming to maximize power with a forced induction setup, the oil pan comes with dual oil returns. Gone are the days of relying on cork board and RTV, as the oil pan is engineered with O-ring block sealing for enhanced durability and precision.

7.3-liter Godzilla

Keep It Simple

While various approaches exist to address Ford’s deep truck sump, oil pump cover, and the complexities of its vane shaft-driven variable vane oil pump, Indy Power Products has developed a streamlined solution that requires minimal effort to complete the job. Despite its simplicity, the engineering and craftsmanship behind their solution are top-tier. If you’re looking to reduce the overall packaging size of your Godzilla, explore this and other offerings from Indy Power Products in the market.

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