PRI 2023: PTP’s New Turbocharger Covers For Airflow And Protection

ProTech Performance (PTP) has been diligently revolutionizing turbo protection through their latest innovation — a versatile turbo covering system equipped with a magnetic base and a variety of interchangeable screens and filters. Recognizing the need for a balance between filtering capabilities and optimal airflow, PTP’s solution caters to diverse performance and driving requirements without compromising on either front.

The origins of this groundbreaking product trace back to the early 2000s when racers, aiming to protect their turbochargers from potential debris damage, improvised screen guards. While effective on the track, these makeshift guards were secured with cumbersome worm gear clamps, making replacements a tedious task.

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Magnetic Base

PTP’s new cover overcomes these limitations by introducing a magnetic base, held stationary by a set screw, along with an assortment of quick-swap filters designed to cater to varied scenarios. The innovative design includes a honeycomb filter engineered to keep larger debris at bay while facilitating substantial airflow. For street driving, the fine mesh filter becomes the primary choice, capturing almost any debris with minimal impact on airflow

Emphasizing performance driving or maximum power tuning, the velocity stack cover emerges as the prime option, offering unrestricted airflow without filtration. In situations demanding absolute turbo protection without compromising visibility, such as fabricating in the engine bay or during a car show display, the clear Lexan cover steps in. It ensures a debris-free environment while enabling a clear view of the turbo blades.

The versatility of this system lies in its effortless interchangeability—swiftly switching between covers is a hassle-free process, eliminating the need for traditional worm-style hose clamps. This seamless transition between filters empowers users to adapt swiftly to varying driving conditions or showcasing needs, marking a significant departure from the inconveniences associated with earlier methods.

More Than Turbocharger Blankets

Primarily recognized for their turbo blankets, PTP demonstrates their innovative prowess with these unique covers. The integration of magnetic ease, interchangeable filters tailored to distinct requirements, and rapid adaptability underscores PTP’s dedication to advancing turbo protection while optimizing engine performance.

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