PRI 2023: K&N Catch Cans Keep Oil Out Of Your Intake

If you plan on modifying or driving your modern muscle car or truck hard a good catch can be a solid investment. K&N has an entire line of catch cans that are designed to be a direct bolt-on part for various modern muscle cars and trucks. These catch cans are easy to install, and will help keep your engine running strong.

To keep oil out of your intake, K&N started with a blank sheet to design its line of catch cans. These units can hold up to six ounces of oil that’s generated by blowby. The K&N catch cans are not only a direct fit, they don’t require any tools to check and empty during routine maintenance.

“These catch cans help to eliminate the build-up of carbon and other deposits that might accumulate inside an intake due to blowby. We wanted these catch cans to be as simple as possible to install, so each is designed to work with a specific vehicle and engine. The cans themselves are made of high-quality materials, and we include premium OEM-style connectors, and robust hoses to make installation easy,” says K&N’s Dylan Belanger.

The K&N catch cans will assist with protecting your engine from power loss and premature detonation. K&N claims that with the right tools, you can install one of these catch cans in 20-30 minutes at home. If your modern muscle car or truck needs an aftermarket catch can you’ll want to see what K&N has for you. All of the applications that K&N covers with its catch cans can be found here on the company’s website.

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