2023 SEMA Show: Rugged Venturous Truck Cap Designed For Adventure

Over the recent years, we have seen many traditional automotive accessory brands make concerted efforts to produce products specifically designed for overalanding and adventure applications. At the SEMA Show, we found this broadly reinforced by almost every single exhibitor in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s West Hall. LTA Manufacturing was on hand and showcasing its new rugged Venturous Truck Cap line specially created for the outdoor gear-hauling adventure lifestyle segment.

2023 SEMA Show: Rugged Venturous Truck Cap Designed For Adventure

During SEMA 2022, we can recall Matt Blaise, LTA’s Vice President of Sales, shared that LTA had just debuted the new truck cap. Now in 2023, it has been fully launched with a dozen molds for the most popular late-model pickups, and it is now available at select Venturous Truck Tops dealers.

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Venturous Truck Cap Main Features

Right now Venturous is content with its first model variant in the Ozark Cab-High topper. The main features are PolyFuse Technology construction which makes for a stronger and lighter truck cap. In fact, they advertise it has triple the strength and is 38% lighter than a traditionally manufactured truck top. This allows for the heavy-duty roof structure and added strength elements to carry roof racks, roof top tents, and essential cargo. Dark window-tinted glass provides privacy and protection from sunlight. High-quality Axalta paint is used for precision paint matching to vehicles. A custom-fit aluminum frame rear door and skirt are issued to match the vehicle tailgate. A very bright attention-getting LED third brake light is included. A high-end smooth interior finishes off the highlights.

PolyFused Technology Explained

The biggest benefit of the Patent Pending PolyFuse Technology is that it is stronger and lighter. Compared to traditional open mold truck caps, this new production process creates a product that is up to 38% lighter and has triple the strength. The added strength makes installing accessories such as rack systems or roof top tents easier and safer.

Additionally, it is all-around a higher quality product with more consistent mechanical properties than most traditional molding processes. By equally distributing “neat resin” through the mold’s fibers and adding extra reinforcement to the roof, this creates a more rigid, lighter, higher quality, and smoother truck cap.


2023 SEMA Show: LTA Manufacturing

It is great to see major automotive aftermarket accessory manufacturers devoting major resources to producing high-quality focused products for the off-road and overland market. If you do not know LTA is the umbrella company for well-known brands such as Mountain Top, ATC Truck Covers, Ranch Fiberglass, Jason Caps, and Loadmaster Bed Systems


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