OPTIMA Power Stations: Off-Grid EV Charging For A Pair Of Rivians

OPTIMA Batteries modified its Rivian R1S and R1T for overlanding. The plan: Take the all-electric vehicles to off-road and racing events. The challenge, however, is that many times these events are far away from modern amenities. You know, amenities like electricity. This means it’s not an option to pop into a DC fast charging station prior to the return trip. Or even a level 1 or level 2 charger for that matter. To ensure that OPTIMA could drive its pair of Rivians out to the wilderness, and back, it engineered an impressive solution called the OPTIMA Power Station. The company has two of these solar-powered trailers and each is so powerful it can recharge a Rivian’s battery.

Modified Turtleback Trailers

The trailers are custom Turtleback Trailers. Direct Current Engineering (DCE), a new EV product line by Weistec Engineering, devoted hundreds of hours to engineering and fabricating these custom builds. This included the industry-first deployable solar awning. Each trailer is outfitted with 110 kW lithium-ion energy courtesy of Volta Technologies. The result is that each trailer can store enough energy to recharge a Rivian at level 2 charging speed from 0 to 80 percent. Additionally, each OPTIMA Power Station has 110V, 220V AC, and 12V DC outlets. This means other electrical items can be charged or powered by the system in the wild. Items such as e-bikes, e-motorcycles, an air compressor, cameras, camp lighting, and cellphones. When the OPTIMA Power Station needs to be charged it can utilize the solar awning or when back on the grid it can be plugged into shore power.

OPTIMA Power Station Utility Turtle and Kitchen Turtle

Each custom Turtleback Trailer serves a special purpose. The Utility Turtle carries two CAKE Kalk OR Race electric motorcycles and storage for adventure gear. The Kitchen Turtle has an overland kitchen unit with an electric stove, sink with running hot and cold water, and a 45-gallon water tank. A main control center has a display that shows a variety of information such as how many hours are remaining and the battery pack temperature. There’s also a Switch Pros unit that controls lighting among other things. EV charging is handled by a Wallbox level 2 charger. Each trailer is fitted with rugged and trail-proven LT295/65R20 (35-inch diameter) BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires. These tires are wrapped around custom Black Rhino Alston forged wheels. Furthermore, trailer paint is protected by 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series Matte. The paint protection film was installed by Star Shield Solutions.

About OPTIMA Batteries

OPTIMA’s high-performance automotive, marine, heavy-duty AGM, and lithium batteries are manufactured by Clarios LLC. Clarios LLC is the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive batteries. SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY is a patented, state-of-the-art design that delivers superior performance in both starting and deep cycle applications. SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY is a feature of OPTIMA’s REDTOP, YELLOWTOP, and BLUETOP batteries. The OPTIMA ORANGETOP batteries utilize HYPERCORE LITHIUM technology. The new offering from the company allows for more than 95 percent of the powersports market to experience the power and performance of OPTIMA batteries. Furthermore, the OPTIMA product family includes a line of digital chargers that feature advanced multi-stage charging. Thus, the chargers can charge and maintain a variety of 12V vehicle batteries to maximize battery life and performance.

Photos by Optima Batteries and Tread Agency

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