Airstream’s Newest Travel Trailer Is a Backcountry-Ready Solar Powerhouse

The all-new, 2024 Airstream Trade Wind travel trailer is a backcountry-ready solar powerhouse. The Trade Wind has the largest solar array, battery bank, and power monitoring system of any travel trailer manufactured by the company in its 92-year history. Bonus: The Trade Wind is designed to trek over backcountry terrain.

Why Off-Grid Solar Power Is Awesome

Travel trailers are great for living comfortably in the backcountry. However, many of their amenities require electrical power. Some of a travel trailer’s features, like the water pump and lighting, can be powered by the 12V “house” battery. However, many other items need far more power. This presents a problem when the call of the wild beckon’s campers to the off-grid backcountry where there is no power connection. Some backcountry campers use a generator to power high-draw items like the air conditioner, microwave, and television. However, generators also generate noise, and they often require carrying fuel. Solar power is a silent, powerful option. Furthermore, solar power systems can be configured to power even high-draw items.

2024 Airstream Trade Wind Travel Trailer Solar by the Numbers

Let’s look at the Airstream Trade Wind travel trailer’s standard power features by the numbers. There are three 270 Ah batteries that combine to form the 810 Ah battery bank. These batteries are heated lithium-ion units that are integrated into the chassis of the travel trailer. For comparison, this bank provides four times more capacity than most other Airstream travel trailers. Feeding the batteries is a solar array that generates 600W of power. This wattage is double the capacity of most other Airstream models. Power is routed through a 3,000W inverter/charger. This means it can power the microwave and 15,000 Btu soft-start air conditioner simultaneously. It’s worth noting that the Trade Wind’s inverter outputs 1,000W more than those found in other Airstream models. The Trade Wind has an interior Victron power monitor and it’s app compatible so you can monitor power management.

Off-Grid Often Means Off-Road

Airstream didn’t miss the fact that being off-grid in the backcountry often means being off-road. The company prepped the Trade Wind accordingly. To help increase overall ground clearance so the trailer can more elegantly access the backcountry, the Trade Wind is fitted with a 3-inch suspension lift. Goodyear Wrangler Workhorse 225/75R16 tires (29.3 inches in diameter) add durability. The tires could also add more lateral stability on uneven terrain. And to protect the front of the unit from flying debris there’s a set of rock guards.

Features For Longer or More Remote Adventures

The Airstream Trade Wind has several more features specifically designed for lengthier and/or more remote adventures. The travel trailer has a recirculating water heater that helps conserve wasted water. It has fully inverted electrical outlets for keeping devices charged and for running high-power appliances when not connected to shore power. And speaking of shore power, the Trade Wind has a SmartPlug 30A shore power inlet for power and for recharging the battery bank. Furthermore, the Trade Wind’s kitchen components are upgraded to withstand travel over rough roads. Example: Extra features to secure the cabinet doors.

More About the 2024 Airstream Trade Wind Travel Trailer

The tandem-axle Trade Wind measures 25 feet in length. It’s offered in one floor plan, which Airstream calls 25FB. This floorplan is one of Airstream’s most popular layouts. There are two décor plans and a queen-size bed. And of course, a kitchen, bathroom, and shower, among other things. Overall, the Trade Wind can sleep five people. Options include a composting toilet, convection microwave with air-fryer, ZipDee rear and roadside window awnings, and a rear hatch door with sliding screen. The fresh water, gray water, and wastewater tanks each carry 39 gallons. The Airstream Trade Wind has a base price of $129,400 and is on sale now.


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