Tire Test: Mickey Thompson Baja Legend EXP Tire Test — Update

It’s been a few months since I put the Raceline Hostage wheels and Mickey Thompson Baja Legend EXP tires on Project WorkHorse, but as I said in the original article, the tires and wheels will be the subject of long-term testing. This means I planned several updates to let you guys know how they are doing. Well, here is the first tire test update.

I know I mentioned that I would be giving you guys updates at roughly 5,000-mile intervals, but I missed the boat on the first one. For this first update, I was on the road for a while and while traveling, surpassed that planned update marker. Now home, the total mileage on the tires and wheels is 6,220. I will begin by saying that after this distance, I am more than happy with how the tires and wheels are holding up.

Before any mileage, tread depth came in at 19/32s (left). After slightly over 6,200 miles, tread wear measured just shy of 1/32-inch (right). Not bad for an off-road-capable tire that saw mainly highway use.

At this first update, the tread depth comes in at just a skosh over 18/32s. That means in just over 6,000 miles, the tires have not even lost 1/32-inch of tread. Also, I am certain the alignment done during the initial install has also helped, as there is no discernable uneven wear patterns. Because of this, the small amount of tire noise to which I alluded in the first article has not changed. It is still present, but not annoying when driving.

This tire test saw the tires utilized mostly on asphalt highways with minimal off-road driving. Because of that. I am overly pleased with how the tires have resisted any substantial wear. I will also say that I am more than happy with how these E-range (10-ply) tires deliver a comfortable ride. Again, I manipulate tire pressure depending on whether I am towing or hauling anything or driving with no load.

tire test

The Raceline Hostage wheels and Mickey Thompson tires are a great combination of good looks and proven durability.

Overall, the tires have been subjected to some very hot asphalt as I live in Florida, some very soft traction-inhibiting sand — again — I live in Florida, and some sporadic use in open fields with soft spots and mud. Overall, I am more than happy with how the Baja Legend EXP tires are handling everything I throw at them and holding up very well. We’ll check back in again in a few thousand miles and see how they are holding up. So far, they are doing better than expected.

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