Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Tech Gear Essentials

Off Road Xtreme’s Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide is rolling through this week. At this point, we have highlighted some interesting gear for the garage and some useful wearable items. In this next feature, we are showcasing all new tech gear. This list of Fathers Day tech gifts and essentials will up his gadget game to civilized standards.

Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Tech Gear Essentials

Your old man might have been born in the twentieth century, but being older than time itself does not mean he cannot be technically in tune with the rest of us in the twenty-first century.

Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Tech Gear Essentials

FLEXTAIL 3-in-1 Functional TINY REPEL Mosquito Repellent

Spending time outside means spending time with everything outside including pestering insects. The old guy can save what’s left of his sanity with a little modern tech. The TINY REPEL Mosquito Repellent is a nice little marvel that offers 3-in-1 functionality.

It is an ultra-bright camping lantern and a power bank that also offers insect repellent. The repellent is activated through the removable cartridges that fuel up to a 30-foot zone of protection for 7 hours. This little device appears to do it all for only $49.99.

TINY REPEL Mosquito Repellent Key Features:

  • DUALREPEL technology: Double mosquito repellent effect with two modes.
  • Outdoor Mode at 7 hours of 165 degrees Celcius for a 30-foot range.
  • Camping Mode at 10 hours of 110 degrees Celcius for a 10-foot range.
  • Ideal at 165 degrees Celcius temperature for the pads to achieve the most repellent effect.
  • Up To 10-hour Outdoor Mosquito Repellent.
  • Up to 50-hour Outdoor Lighting.
  • 4-level Camping Lantern Brightness: 50 Lumens/ 50 Hours, 100 Lumens/ 25 Hours, 200 Lumens/ 13 Hours, 400 Lumens/ 9 Hours.
  • 10W fast charge
  • Built-in: 1/4/20 threaded mount, magnet base, carabiner top.
  • IPX5 waterproof & drop resistance.
  • Power Bank.
  • Ultralight: 148 grams

Fathers Day Tech Gifts: Midland GMRS Radios

No matter if your pops is a chatterbox, or he likes to tell the occasional dad joke, give him the gift of gab with a new Midland GMRS Radio. The leader in two-way radio technology, Midland Radio has all kinds of options to get him set up.

Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Tech Gear Essentials

Midland MXT575 Micromobile Two-Way Radio

The MXT575 Micromobile Two-Way Radio is the big dog with 50 watts of broadcasting power and the most powerful GMRS radio allowed by law. The MXT575 is the perfect vehicle communication tool for off-road enthusiasts, allowing communication among your crew no matter how far apart you are. For $399.99 he will have a voice to be heard.

  • 15 GMRS Simplex Channels
  • 8 GMRS Repeater Channels
  • 142 Privacy Codes (38 CTCSS/104 DCS)
  • 50 Watts Output Power
  • NOAA Weather Radio
  • Weather Scan + Alert
  • Wide/Narrow Channel Bandwidth
  • Split Privacy Tones
  • Backlit LCD Display With 6 Brightness Levels
  • Selectable Display Colors (7 color options)
  • Power Selectable (High, Low)
  • Narrowband/Wideband Selectable
  • Channel Scan
  • Silent Operation
  • Call Function
  • Programmable Squelch
  • Signal Strength Indicator
  • Auto Power Off
  • Timeout Timer
  • Keypad Lock
  • Monitor Function
  • Audible Button Beeps
  • Hand Microphone with Integrated Controls
  • Intercom Jack
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • USB-C Port
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Midland X-TALKER T71VP3 Two-Way Radio

The X-TALKER T71VP3 Two-Way Radio walkie-talkies have a ridiculously long battery life and extensive range. No need to worry about losing tabs on Dad while he takes that evening stress-relieving stroll. These are also compatible with each of Midland’s MicroMobile radios and come loaded with extra features for a super value of only $99.99.

  • License Free FRS Radio
  • Extensive range of up to a 38-miles
  • Features 36 Channels and 121 Privacy Codes
  • Channel Scan
  • Midland’s signature NOAA Weather Alert and Weather Scan technology
  • Up to 15 hours long battery life
  • Protected by Midland’s 3-year warranty. X-TALKER T71

Fathers Day Tech Gifts: OAK & IRON Battery Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor

Having a portable air compressor onboard your vehicle is not just a matter of convenience. For off-road enthusiasts, it is critically important to be able to air up after airing down for the trail. Hook up your dad with OAK & IRON’s smart portable air inflator that also features a built-in 7,800mAh rechargeable lithium battery.

Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Tech Gear Essentials

With 150 psi of air inflation on tap, the OAK & IRON Battery Tire Inflator offers twice the speed of fast inflation. Cordless with a LED Screen this will get dad pumped on cars, bikes, RVs, UTVs, motorcycles, balls, and more. It is a smart buy for under $90.

OAK & IRON Battery Portable Air Inflator Key Features:

  • Inflate a 195/65 R15 tire to 30 PSI in five minutes.
  • Four preset modes
  • Three adaptors for a variety of inflating applications.
  • 99.9-percent accuracy: ±1 PSI accuracy.
  • Auto shut-off when the preset pressure is reached.
  • Tire pressure status displayed in real-time.
  • Built-In 7,800mAh rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Maintains its charge for up to 300 days.
  • No cords are required. Portable and works with or without AC/DC.
  • Friendly user experience with real-time information on the screen.
  • 24 months of hassle-free warranty and lifetime technical support.

Fathers Day Tech Gifts: Pure Outdoor 25L Portable Fridge/Freezer

There is still a time and a place for a traditional ice chest. But with modern technology, we can afford to go non-reliant on the ice for cooling purposes. Enter the Pure Outdoor 25L Portable Fridge/Freezer from Monoprice. This is the perfect upgrade for any dad into camping, overlanding, off-roading, or anyone that needs to store and keep food and beverages cold on the road.

Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Tech Gear Essentials

This is a fast-cooling, portable fridge and freezer that reaches temperatures as low as -7 degrees Farenhight. The 25-Liter capacity keeps more than 40 cans of “soda” cold and food fresh without needing a single ice cube for only $250!


Pure Outdoor 25L Portable Fridge/Freezer Key Features:

  • Efficient and powerful DC compressor runs on 12, 24 volts, or on wall power using AC Adapter.
  • High‑density foam insulation to keep temperatures consistent between compressor cycles.
  • Integrated handles for easy portability.
  • Built‑in LCD panel displays temperature, battery protection modes, cooling mode, and input voltage.
  • Integrated USB outlet for charging mobile devices and powering USB accessories.
  • Multi‑level battery monitor protects vehicle batteries against excessive discharging.

Fathers Day Tech Gifts: OffGrid Co Faraday Protection

If there is one thing your dad cares for and cherishes over all others, it is his ride. Unfortunately, modern vehicles are easy targets for theft and robbery through the hacking of electronic signals. The vehicle key fob is the entry point and thieves only need to be close to the key fob for a hacker to pick up and reproduce its signal. At that point, the car and its contents are up for grabs and your poor dad will be none the wiser until it’s too late.

Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Tech Gear Essentials

Luckily there are affordable security measures. OffGrid Co offers useful cybersecurity products for everyone, every day, and everywhere. With their collapsible Fold Faraday Key Fob Bag, your pappy’s 2003 Silverado can be as protected as the C-Suite executive’s 2023 Maserati.

There when you need it, out of the way when you don’t, the OffGrid Fold isolates whatever is inside, severing the connection to a wide spectrum of RF signals including GPS, WiFi, Cellular, Bluetooth, and RFID.

Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Tech Gear Essentials

The OffGrid Fold packs up into itself making it fit perfectly in your pocket or bag. A reinforced loop makes it even more versatile and can be hung on a keychain, backpack, or belt loop. No matter where dad is or what you’re doing, the OffGrid Fold goes with you to ensure you always have a Faraday bag at the ready to protect your digital privacy.

For only $24, it’s a safe bet and leaves room to add an extra CollaSwitch Wallet and Extract Bag.

OffGrid Co Fold Faraday Key Fob Bag Features:

  • Sleek design
  • Stitchless thermo-welded seams
  • Snap-closure, single-fold velcro seal
  • Lined with an extra layer of fabric to prevent abrasion
  • Quad-layer Faraday material for cybersecurity

Fathers Day Tech Gifts: NightRide Ranger Infrared Camera

Here is a cool one! And by cool, we mean it can defy the heat. The NightRide Ranger is a small, lightweight infrared camera that uses thermal heat signatures to provide a digital picture. Capturing images up to a quarter-mile down the road, the NightRide Ranger detects through dust, rain, snow, fog, smoke, and complete darkness.

Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide: Tech Gear Essentials

This is a premium functional device perfect for any commercial driver, daily driver, or outdoorsman. The functional applications are endless. It also carries a premium price tag of $1,895.

NightRide Ranger Infrared Camera Key Features:

  • Vehicle Hood Mount Included
  • WiFi Hotspot Connection To Display
  • Portable with auxiliary battery pack (Not Included)
  • 5 Minute Installation
  • Always Recording Or Event Recording

Ultimate Fathers Day Tech Gifts

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The Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide steps up with a spotlight on tech gear essentials. So far, we have already covered garage gear and wearable gear. Coming up next is camping gear and survival necessities. We know there are a lot of items out there to choose from. There is no possible way to cover it all, but we did our best to select high-quality items that will last a lifetime. Stay tuned for more.

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