Coyote-Powered Restomod Bronco Brings Big Bucks At Auction

The term restomod has been traditionally reserved for classic cars. These vehicles feature the same aesthetics as the original, but have been optimized with modern amenities ranging from drivetrain to suspension. They bring a new level of performance that original owners of these vehicles could only dream of decades ago. That same trend has now crossed into the off-road segment with early Bronco builds being at the forefront. This 1971 Ford Bronco is a prime example of what a restomod is and the kind of price it can bring at auction.


This Bronco started its adventure to restoration at the hands of Gateway Broncos. There the Bronco body would receive new metal and be painted in a classic red with white removable top. The interior was fitted with custom distressed brown leather seats in the front and rear, but also paired to a matching dashboard cover, center console, door panel inserts, and rear side panels. However, it’s not what meets the eyes that makes this Bronco truly something special.

Under the hood, a Gen-3 5.0-liter Coyote engine resides between the aftermarket strut towers. The 460-horsepower is transmitted from the engine and into a 10-speed automatic transmission that sends power to all four wheels via an Atlas dual-range transfer case. The front and rear axles have been upgraded to Ford 9-inch to handle the new-found power. To keep the chassis on par with the amenities and powerplant is a full Kincer chassis. Not only does this replace the tired factory frame, but also gives the Bronco the strength to handle anything it finds in its new life.

While the selling price of $190,000 is out of my tax bracket, this build offers everything one could want in a classic Bronco. Everything from the modern engine and chassis to the top of the line creature comforts. However, for me, it is the chassis that does it for me with its simplistic appearance. I look forward to seeing more Bronco builds popping up at the same build quality as this one in the coming years.

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