Vehicle Walk Around: The High-Performance BLACKLAKE XT1 PreRunner

For years, the world has wondered when the big General was going to produce a legitimate Raptor super truck competitor. Back in 2021, we heard something about a special truck project called the BLACKLAKE XT1 and all though not directly from GM, we have been patiently waiting ever since. Originally presented in October of 2021, the XT1 has made a few appearances with little information being revealed until now.

I did lay eyes on it as it was a displayed Featured Vehicle during the 2021 SEMA Show. It looked super back then, and I had an off-road engineer friend equally impressed as we laid underneath scoping out the trick suspension.

The Silverado ZR2 and the Sierra AT4X are really nice trucks that we can appreciate but are not on the same plane as the Raptor, and definitely not playing the same game as Raptor R and Ram TRX. That currently leaves a wide open space for the aftermarket and other vehicle upfitters to fill in the void.

Walk Around The High Performance BLACKLAKE XT1 PreRunner

Enter BLACKLAKE Research and Development and their Chevrolet Silverado-based XT1 platform. This is a Detroit-based boutique company with a focused¬†mission to design and engineer ultimate no-compromise systems and vehicles. The BLACKLAKE XT1, is their first take on the ultimate on- and off-road truck, also known as maybe perhaps a “Raptor Killer“?

The only difference here is that BLACKLAKE is not engaging in production line manufacturing and it appears everything, for the most part, is custom. Their website list four trucks in the inventory and none priced under $200,000. With that pin-popping number deflating my personal hopes and dreams, what is so special about the BLACKLAKE XT1?

Walk Around The High Performance BLACKLAKE XT1 PreRunner

BLACKLAKE XT1 Package Specifications

  • Complete Frame Off Assembly Built To OEM Standards
  • Wide Track Front Suspension System With 12-Inches Of Travel
  • Full Float Wide Track E-Locker Equipped Rear Axle
  • Four Corner Custom Tuned Jounce Shock System
  • Custom Front & Rear Bumpers With 45 Degrees Approach, 20 Degrees Breakover, 43 Degrees Departure Angles
  • Fully Functional Adas, Emissions, & Driver Safety System Integration
  • Horizontal Watts Link 5-Link Rear Suspension System With 17.5 Inches Of Travel
  • Bespoke Internal Bypass Shocks Tuned For Maximum Off-Road Performance
  • Complete Replacement Carbon Kevlar Wide Track Fenders & Bedsides
  • G-Force High-Performance Front Half Shafts, Steel Driveshaft

Walk Around The High Performance BLACKLAKE XT1 PreRunner

Walk Around The High-Performance BLACKLAKE XT1 PreRunner

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