Meyers Manx Making A Run At The 2023 NORRA 1000 With Blake Wilkey

Meyers Manx is the original fiberglass dune buggy kit car company, created by Bruce Meyers way back in 1964. To help market this rad little Baja-bound beach buggy, Bruce rallied a team to enter the very first sanctioned Mexican 1,000 race down the Mexican Baja Peninsula. They ended up winning overall with the Vic Wilson Manx entry as the 1st vehicle to finish with the quickest time.

Bruce Meyers of Meyers Manx

The Meyers Manx revolutionary custom creation became a worldwide sensation. One that would be copied globally by the hundreds of thousands. Over 6,000 original Meyers Manx were produced over the years before the knock-offs took their toll. In 2020, at the age of 94, Bruce Meyers sold his company. The new leadership has resurrected the brand with renewed vigor and life while staying true to its original vision.

The Meyers Manx was offered in various versions and configurations. The new Manx Remastered body kit is produced with modern construction methods and deluxe features.


Operating under the name of Meyers Manx, LLC., the new company has a complete portfolio of all new products. This includes a Meyers Manx 2.0 EV Buggy and the remastered classic body kit. Just like Bruce’s original marketing strategy of entering into the big Baja race, Meyers Manx has made a point to become involved in the 2023 Mexican 1,000. This also includes making a run at the famed NORRA 1000 with Blake Wilkey at the helm in one of five team cars.

All of the Manx VW cars are fitted with authentic period-correct parts from the day, including EMPI, Bilstein Shocks, KC Hilites, and General Tires.

Meyers Manx Making A Run At The 2023 NORRA 1000 With Blake Wilkey

To help fund the effort and memorialize, Michael Squier, the producer of the upcoming Baja Bug film, collaborated with Blake Wilkey and Meyers Manx to produce an exclusive t-shirt fundraiser. The shirt features a throwback off-road illustration designed by Brian Kesling and commemorates the Meyers Manx Shreddy collab. It is only available on

Meyers Manx Making A Run At The 2023 NORRA 1000 With Blake Wilkey

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What Is The NORRA Mexican 1,000 All About?

The NORRA Mexican 1,000 has earned its moniker slogan as “The Happiest Race On Earth” and that is just the vibe you get all the way down the Baja Peninsula. It is competitive, it is fun, and it celebrates living off-road history. The event competition is filled with vintage off-road race vehicles all the way up to modern machines. This year’s course will hit 1,249 miles of Baja trails. The format from start to finish stretches out over five days with manageable mileage for each. It’s common to hear that it is the most fun and stress-free racing one could have. Sounds super chill!

The Meyers Manx gang should have a blast and it will be a true milestone adventure for everyone heading down! Looking at the entry list, it is brimming with off-road legends, heroes, and average joes chasing in the steps of legends from days long ago.

2023 NORRA 1000 Map

Wilkey Shares About Teaming Up With Meyers Manx For The Race

When we heard the news Blake Wilkey going to be running a Manx in the race we reached out to congratulate him and learn about how it all came together.

Off Road Xtreme: Are you aware the first officially sanctioned 1000 in 1967 was won overall by Vic Wilson in a Meyers Manx?

Blake Wilkey: I was aware, which is awesome that a VW-powered Manx won it and set the record. Bruce Meyers was a stud with many talents growing up and Baja sucked him in due to its beauty, adventure, and sense of freedom!

ORX: That first race was a three-car Meyers Manx team. How many Manx cars are on the team for this race?

BW: For the 2023 Norra 1000 there will be 5 Meyers Manx team cars racing. One of which, according to the plan may be all-electric. Another first for the Meyers Manx team which is really exciting!

ORX: It is a long way down. What is your strategy to get the car to every checkpoint?

BW: My co-driver Michael Squier and I’s strategy is to enjoy the ride and soak it all in. A zero-stress environment that the typical race would present. The remastered Goldie body that Meyers is releasing, is the car we will be driving. It is very basic, as basic as it gets. We can’t be overly aggressive with our driving style. Keep in mind, the whole point of the Slow Baja Safari class, which we will be racing is to have fun.

Meyers Manx Making A Run At The 2023 NORRA 1000 With Blake Wilkey

ORX: Provided everything goes according to plan, What is the estimated total time on course? What class does NORRA designate for the Manx?

BW: Estimating that our speed on course will be roughly 25-30 mph on average leaves us with a 37.5 hours race. That is if we were to treat it like a race. We are throwing that timing aspect out the window, not like we have any windows in the Manx, haha. Again we are in no rush and in straight cruise mode. We want to have all our sensors firing. We want to be able to feel the wind, heat, cold, oceans, smells, visuals, tastes, and all of what Baja has to offer. That is the point of the Slow Baja Safari class which gives you the time and freedom to do so. From the moment the green flag drops, unlike traditional races, we will be living and breathing Baja!

Norra also offers the Rapido Safari class for teams with faster vehicles who want to treat it more like a typical race. Rapido class is really for more capable vehicles and will consist of more challenging and longer sections. Each day our stages all conclude and end up in the same towns where vehicle maintenance and gatherings can be enjoyed. Wrenches can be turned to fix any issues the day before might have presented to carry on the next!

Meyers Manx Making A Run At The 2023 NORRA 1000 With Blake Wilkey

ORX: Do you really get to sport the open-face helmets and painters overalls?

BW: Open-face Pyrotect helmets with Rugged Radio comms paired with a similar jumpsuit Bruce and Ted wore in the ’60s are going to be our race attire. Helmets and race suits are not required but it is always a good idea. We want to fit the part and be able to communicate in case someone sees something cool or there is a danger ahead. The closer we can get to the authenticity of trying to live in their shoes and in the past is the goal. Simplicity!

ORX: Sounds like a super authentic re-creation of the first run that took place over 55 years ago. 

You have already done so much to honor the VW culture and community. How does it make you feel to be recognized by the folks at Meyers with this invitation?

BW: Receiving this invitation was kind of shocking! Michael Squier set it up after his involvement with Meyers Manx throughout his documentary called, The Baja Bug movie. I had helped Michael on a handful of occasions set things up, shooting at races or out having fun! Meyers Manx sponsored the Baja Bug Movie and more conversations were had which led to this year’s Norra 1000!

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