Jeep Wrangler Cargo Security Upgrade With Tuffy Products

Those of us who enjoy wheeling topless, A.K.A with the roof removed, also worry about getting our gear ripped off at some point. It is just a fact that our modern society comes with immoral predators capitalizing on moments of opportunity. Even running a soft top, our Jeeps could easily be open to the wrong hands with a quick slash of a knife. Cargo security upgrades are a way around becoming a victim of the ten-finger discount. Tuffy Security Products is one company that has been around specializing in cargo security products that act as a preventive precaution.

Jeep Wrangler Cargo Security Upgrade With Tuffy Products

For the Jeep Wrangler owner, this issue is a center point focus. For me, during a recent trip over the Rubicon Trail with my lid off, I realized just how vulnerable I was. Packed up for a five-day trip for two, brought all those concerns to a clear-eyed realization.

We needed all the storage space we could get for gear and supplies. With the Wrangler’s backseat removed, and the top off, we had a lot of room, but everything was open to the world. We even had a rack mounted up top on the roll bar, and I might be guilty of over packing. Although we didn’t lose anything during the trip, we still worried about the lack of security.

Jeep Wrangler Cargo Security Upgrade With Tuffy Products

Jeep Wrangler Cargo Security Upgrade With Tuffy Products

Tuffy Products designed the Jeep Deluxe Cargo Area Security Enclosure as a vehicle-specific cure to the problem. In about an hour, you can give your Jeep a boot to secure your gear. With the Jeep’s tailgate locked, the Tuffy Deck Enclosure effectively provides the Wrangler with a steel trunk that secures your important items in a steel “cage” and out of sight. It also provides a reliable tray for dogs and more goodies. Tuffy doesn’t rate the Enclosure’s carrying capacity, as that is not its intended purpose. I was told that it can easily support two 80-pound dogs. In our case, it also fitted their dog bed pillows nicely.

Jeep Wrangler Cargo Security Upgrade With Tuffy Products

The deck enclosure comes with a lid, two side panels, and a center panel to connect everything together. All pieces come finished in a durable semi-gloss black coating. Once assembled, interior dimensions are 38.75 inches long x 26.84 inches wide x 16.85 inches in height. All hardware is supplied and there is also a prop arm to support and lift open the deck lid when you want to access items. Besides the ability to lift open, our favorite feature is that the deck lid can be easily removed. This panel is not required to be used as the side panels are mounted to the vehicle cargo compartment.

The same Deck Enclosure model (#345) fits both two- and four-door JL (2018+) model Jeep Wranglers; however, a two-door model requires the removal of the backseat. They have versions for vehicles fitted with and without the OEM subwoofers. Tuffy literally has dozens of various security enclosure products or lock boxes designed for Jeeps including the JK and other Wrangler models. They also cover several other vehicle models as well.

Things To Note On The Jeep Deluxe Cargo Area Security Enclosure

Following the provided installation guide, this job takes about an hour from start to finish. After that, you can wheel with the top down in confidence. Your Jeep now has a lockable “boot” to secure your important gear.

  1. The Enclosure kit arrives in a very large, heavy box. Open it and check off the parts list to make sure everything is there.
  2. This installation process, performed by a moderately experienced technician, takes less than 45 minutes.
  3. On a two-door the backseat must be removed before Tuffy Deck Enclosure installation. On a four-door (Unlimited) model, the backseat can remain.
  4. The rearward cargo loop must be removed and the L-bracket securing each side of the Enclosure is attached to the captured nut in the Jeep’s floorboard.
  5. To completely secure items in the Enclosure the front bulkhead is installed as shown. The long oval slot visible on the far side bulkhead is where the top’s sliding hinge pin is installed.
  6. The rubber gasket seals and secures the Enclosure’s top when the tailgate is closed.
  7. With the top raised and held in place by its brace, install the forward rubber “gasket”. The Enclosure is easier to use with a hardtop than it is with a soft top, because all you need to do is lift the Jeep’s rear window.

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