A Better Transmission Pan For Your Ford 6R140 Transmission


If you’re driving a Super Duty with a 6R140 transmission, have you thought about updating to a deeper transmission pan? If not, your transmission is missing some serious benefits. What I am saying is, if your 6R140 transmission is ready for a fluid change, now would be the perfect time to upgrade the transmission pan with one of these new units from Goerend Transmissions.

A key component to a properly functioning transmission is having a sufficient amount of clean transmission fluid circulating through everything. Heavy-duty transmissions, require more fluid to keep all of those parts lubricated, and the high-capacity transmission pans from Goerend are the perfect addition to your stock or built unit.

Goerend 6R140 pans are constructed of lightweight, cast aluminum for efficient heat dissipation and durability. While holding more fluid than the OE versions, these replacement pans include a magnetic drain plug to eliminate debris from circulating throughout the transmission. What’s more, a copper sealing ring provides a leak-free seal.

The Goerend 6R140 pans are patented, making them the only pans on the market to have both a sloped interior for 100-percent drainage, and a flat bottom exterior for easy installation. Ford 6R140 Transmission Pan Kit delivers efficient heat dissipation and durability, holds more fluid than the OE version, and since a 1-inch socket is all that is needed for easy drain plug removal fluid changes are easy.

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