Professional Off-Road Racer Casey Currie’s Full Stable Of Rad Rides

One might think that growing up as part of an automotive performance dynasty is all fun games, and everything is contrarily handed down. But that would be a dubious misconception. For Casey Currie and Currie Enterprises, it has been very much the opposite. Casey may have been given a choice and an opportunity to chase the dream of being an off-road racer, but to say it was just handed over, would be way off target. Instead, he was given advice and shown the way.

The journey to becoming a world-renowned professional off-road racer was filled with hard work and dedication to achieving that dream. I am sure many of you have heard of or lived through, similar scenarios. Long days working through one laborious task after the other, trying to resolve mind-numbing challenges, endless nights in the shop, blood, sweat, tears, and great personal sacrifice. Not to mention the thousands of phone calls and emails required to keep it all going.

Professional Off-Road Racer Casey Currie's Full Stable Of Rad Rides

Off-Road Racing Business

In 2010, Casey broke out from under the patriarchal wing and formed his own racing program. Since then, Casey Currie has embraced one success after another. These achievements include a short course championship, multiple Baja 1000 wins, a Baja 500 win, a Winter X Games Gold Medal, the first American to win the Dakar Rally, and most recently a big win at the 2023 King Of The Hammers in the Open UTV class.

Professional Off-Road Racer Casey Currie's Full Stable Of Rad Rides

A successful record of motorsports achievements has garnered the attention of big endorsements and long-term partnerships.  These supportive relationships include iconic brands, endemic and non-endemic to the automotive industry. Monster Energy to Magpul, Polaris to Jeep, and so many more have had a hand in keeping the dream alive. Casey has the professional aptitude as a valuable brand ambassador. But it does not end there. In fact, it never started with that commonly ill-conceived sticker for a sponsorship transaction. Casey knew that he had to work for these brands and offer something tangible in return. That is a story for another day, plus we don’t need to divulge all the trade secrets.

Professional Off-Road Racer Casey Currie's Full Stable Of Rad Rides

On To The Rad Rides

What this article is really about are the rad rides. Part of Currie’s operation includes opportunities to build some very high-end vehicles. Everything from muscle cars to race cars. He has competed in the SEMA Battle of the Builders program and earned a Dirt Sports Magazine Masterpiece In Metal feature. Most of the rad rides are off-road related and include Jeeps or Jeep-skinned race vehicles. He has also been running the new RZR Pro R and making it look even more incredible than it already is.

For the 2023 King Of The Hammers event, Casey brought out a fleet of vehicles and was serious about racing as much as possible. He even arranged for a Trophy Truck rental from Brenthal Industries to compete in the KOH Toyo Tires Desert Challenge presented by Monster Energy. When Casey Currie goes racing, he goes all in. No matter what, the rigs have to be looking fresh and dialed. He showed up with a stable and produced some media content that really caught our attention. Off Road Xtreme reached out for the scoop and we hope you enjoy all of the hard work that went into these rad rides.

Off-Road Racer Casey Currie Has A Full Stable Of Rad Rides

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Trophy Jeep 2.0

Casey Currie’s Trophy Jeep is a one-of-a-kind thrill machine. This particular rig has gone through a bit of an evolution to get to this point and we believe it looks better than ever. The special tribute Ken Block livery, which Currie commissioned for the 2023 King Of The Hamers event, really gives proper homage to the stunt master. As a fellow Monster Energy athlete who took part in high-impact vehicle video creation such as Hammerdown To Havasu, we think it is very fitting.

Trophy Jeep 2.0 Vehicle Specifications

Professional Off-Road Racer Casey Currie's Full Stable Of Rad Rides

Legendary #88

They don’t call this rig legendary for no reason. The #88 was originally designed as a purpose-built Every Man Challenge race vehicle. Casey’s Uncle John Currie and co-driver Gerald Lee from Savvy Off Road enlisted Casey Currie Racing to help build this beast. They actually used a short course Pro-Lite spec chassis made out of 2-inch by 3-inch square steel tubing.

It has won a bunch of races and Casey wanted to give it fresh life and the CRC treatment.

Professional Off-Road Racer Casey Currie's Full Stable Of Rad Rides

Polaris RZR Pro R

The Polaris RZR Pro R is an absolute beast of a UTV right off the showroom floor. But check this out! The aftermarket performance accessories available for this platform can transform a Pro R into a KOH race-winner. No welding and only using bolt-on upgrades is what got Casey’s RZR Pro R race legal and across the finish line for a 2023 Open UTV class King Of The Hammers victory.

Winning The UTV Race At King Of The Hammers 2023

Professional Off-Road Racer Casey Currie's Full Stable Of Rad Rides

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