New Toyota Tacoma Centerforce Clutch Upgrades Now Available

Toyota trucks have a long-standing reputation for being durable and capable. On any given day they are seen driving around in your neighborhood but also traversing the most remote areas on Planet Earth. They are well suited to running errands and competent enough to tackle extremely challenging terrain.

There are countless ways they can be modified and many people do just that to increase their already adept performance. Once you start adding more upgrades such as bigger tires or loading them down with supplies, a camper, or off-road toys, you are putting a burden on the drivetrain. A Tacoma Centerforce Clutch clutch kit will bolster its capabilities with reliable heavy-duty strength.

For those who like to shift their own gears don’t worry; Centerforce has you covered. Centerforce, a leading manufacturer of performance clutches and flywheels for classic and late-model cars and trucks, has released two new clutch options for Toyota Tacoma trucks. Centerforce II and Dual Friction Clutch Kits are now available for 2005-15 Tacomas with 4.0-liter engines and 2016-current Tacomas with 3.5-liter engines. These are the latest additions to Centerforce’s extensive lineup of aftermarket performance clutches which give Tacoma owners improved options to upgrade their stock clutches.

Centerforce II Clutch Kit


New Toyota Tacoma Centerforce Clutch Upgrades Now Available

Centerforce II Clutch Kit.

The Centerforce II Clutch Kit is primarily designed for daily drivers and moderate street performance applications. It is also perfectly suited for 4×4 and off-road enthusiasts with mild vehicle modifications and standard towing and hauling tasks.

The kit offers increased holding capacity and smooth engagement thanks to specialized machining processes. You can feel the pedal improve performance and there is zero compromise. The most notable features include the patented centrifugal weight system, patented ball-bearing pressure plate, high-quality friction material, and a light pedal effort.

Centerforce also sells all of the individual components including the pressure plate, disk, throwout bearing, alignment tool, and even the clutch bolts.

Centerforce II Kit Explained

High Inertia Flywheel

Centerforce has made its clutch kits available with or without High Inertia Billet Steel Flywheel. These high-quality flywheels are beneficial when picking your way through technical terrain as it helps to maintain momentum. This is done by maintaining consistent engine RPMs while navigating over obstacles, making the vehicle more capable and controllable off-road. The high inertia flywheel is available as a stand-alone, of course, but all Centerforce Clutch Kits for Toyota Tacoma trucks are compatible with the factory Toyota flywheel.


Centerforce High Inertia flywheel, clutch disc, and pressure plate.

Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch Kit

Those with more highly modified trucks and an aptitude for spirited driving are also covered. The Dual Friction Clutch Kit is engineered for serious performance, off-road drivers with heavily modified vehicles, and even for mild competition-level machines. This system is ideally suited for applications that require greater holding power over stock, but it also provides an excellent on or off-road driving experience.

New Toyota Tacoma Centerforce Clutch Upgrades Now Available

Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch.

Using Centerforce’s ball-bearing technology for improved clamp load and engagement, the Dual Friction Kit allows up to 437 lb-ft of torque. Like the Centerforce II, this Dual Friction Kit is available with or without the billet steel High Inertia Flywheel and is compatible with the factory Toyota flywheel.

Centerforce Dual Friction Explained

Designed and produced in the USA, the Centerforce II, and Dual Friction Clutch Kits come with a limited 1-year warranty. Centerforce aims to provide the best possible performance for all driving enthusiasts. All products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards. If you are looking for the next performance upgrade to your Toyota truck no matter where you use it or what type of modifications you make, consider a Centerforce.

Centerforce Clutch Kits For 2005-2015 4.0-Liter Toyota Tacoma Trucks

Centerforce Clutch Kits For 2016-current 3.5-Liter Toyota Tacoma Trucks

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