Tuff Stuff Performance Alternators Power Up Jeep JL and JT

Having enough electrical juice to keep your rig adequately amped up during an off-road adventure or an overlanding expedition can be a challenge. This is especially true with vehicles having extensive amounts of lighting, recovery, and camping-oriented electronics. One popular vehicle platform that is most often utilized in the off-road space is the Jeep, and now there is a solution. Tuff Stuff Performance has introduced the “Tuff Mudder” Jeep JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator alternators. They also have all the options covering the JK Wrangler applications too.

Tuff Stuff Performance Alternators Power Up Jeep JL and JT

Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories also has decades of expertise and specialized engineering producing heavy-duty and custom-colored alternators, starters, power steering pumps and accessories, master cylinders, brake boosters, and water pumps. They are all-around gearheads with specialized parts for muscle cars, hot rods, trucks, diesels, and marine applications. Tuff Stuff products have enjoyed name-brand recognition and success with OE fit aftermarket solutions.

Do You Really Need To Upgrade Your Alternator?

When it comes to alternators, the more amperage the better. As long as the alternator fits into the OE mounting points beneath the hood, any size alternator will work. And yes, your voltage regulator will still control the amount of amperage that the battery needs to run all onboard accessories in a safe and efficient manner.

Tuff Stuff Performance Alternators Power Up Jeep JL and JT

The internal components found in Tuff Stuff alternators are especially beneficial to those who are into trail and rock crawls, where keeping that battery charged at low speeds is vital.

No other manufacturer in the industry has been able to produce more amps at low RPM than us. There is no need to worry about the use of underdrive pulley systems or ignition regulators turning on with the use of a Tuff Stuff one-wire alternator. —Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories

According to Tuff Stuff’s website, one-wire alternators are intended to help simplify custom builds, especially for those looking for a decluttered engine bay. This is precisely why so many builders opt to remove their existing external regulator and harness and replace it with a one-wire alternator setup.

Installing a one-wire alternator is a super simple procedure too. Merely run a wire from the battery terminal on the alternator to the positive terminal on the battery and you are done! Some people prefer to run the wire to the starter solenoid/main lug, as it often helps hide the charge wire for a cleaner look.

Tuff Stuff Performance Alternators Power Up Jeep JL and JT

Just note that if you plan to increase your alternator’s performance outputs, the charge wire must be of a sufficient gauge and load rating. A higher amp alternator supplying juice through a weak pencil-neck wire gauge can cause serious issues and could lead to an unwanted fire. Electrical fires form faster than you can imagine and most people just are not prepared or equipped to handle that kind of emergency.

Why Tuff Mudder Jeep JL And JT Alternators?

Designed for the 3.6-liter Pentastar JL and JT engines, these Tuff Mudder alternators generate up to 50 percent more amperage than stock Jeep alternators. Tuff Stuff says they can handle nearly any load with output up to 210 amps at idle. The maximum power output offered is 240 amperes. Furthermore, the compact size allows them to fit in the stock alternator location within the engine bay. Plus, their design is a direct OE drop-in solution for a quick and easy upgrade.

Tuff Stuff Performance Alternators Power Up Jeep JL and JT

Outfitted with loads of copper windings, oversized diodes, and premium-quality ball bearings, these alternators provide maximum output and dependability. To keep temps in check, a large internal cooling fan reduces the risk of overheating. These 240-amp alternators feature an external regulator and OE wiring connectors. Hand-built here in the USA from premium materials, you also get a one-year limited warranty.

Tuff Stuff Performance Alternators Power Up Jeep JL and JTThe Tuff Stuff Tuff Mudder Jeep JL and JT Alternators, like SKU: 7517G with the Army Green powder coat finish, feature a six-groove pulley. Now if the Olive Green army hue isn’t for you, there are other colors to choose from. For those looking for stealth or extreme bling, both wrinkle-black and chrome finishes are the alternatives.


The Jeep JK Wrangler folks, can choose from 175, 240, or 250-amp Tuff Mudder alternators and have the same selection of finishes.

Looking Beyond Alternators

Jeep JK owners can also access the Tuff Stuff Performance line of starters. These high-torque, permanent magnet gear reduction starters are compact and crank like nobody’s business. They are available in 1.5 HP, 1.6 HP, and 1.75 HP configurations. All of Tuff Stuff’s Starters are made in the USA from 100-percent new components and feature a zinc or stealth black finish.

Tuff Stuff’s 1.75 HP Jeep starter is of particular interest, as it features a nine-tooth pinion gear, packs permanent magnet gear reduction perks, and weighs but a mere 5 pounds. As with all Tuff Stuff products, long-term dependability, and value matter just as much as performance and appearances.

A Bit More About Tuff Stuff Performance

Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories is a family-owned business that has been producing top-shelf products since 1979. All of their goods are proudly hand-built in Cleveland, Ohio. Every component undergoes a comprehensive quality control testing process proven to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Naturally, Tuff Stuff offers a broad gamut of aftermarket, OE-mounted solutions for muscle cars, hot rods, customs, 4×4 vehicles, and light trucks. Therefore, all of the brand’s alternators are for 12-volt, negative ground systems, except where noted.

Tuff Stuff Performance Alternators Power Up Jeep JL and JT

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