Mickey Thompson 42″ and 44″ Baja Boss M/T Tires Torture Tested!

Those in attendance during the 2022 SEMA show in Las Vegas, were allowed a close look at the all-new 42- and 44-inch tire sizes within Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels Baja Boss M/T line. Further expansion of this popular line of radials over the years has produced a ton of different configurations, but never something so massive.

Mickey Thompson 42" and 44" Baja Boss M/T Tires Torture Tested!

These dimensions take the top slot as the largest ever in this product line. They are intended to enable off-roaders to ride higher with more ground clearance and overcome rocky terrain through exceptional sidewall grip.

Scheduled to go on sale in mid-2023, these upsized tire variants look to be just the ticket for those in need of a little extra lift. In contrast, they also make for an ideal option for those looking to downsize from something as unwieldy as a 46-inch tire. This was the case for Nicholas Ashby and his famous GRDLOC custom-built crawler.

Mickey Thompson 42" and 44" Baja Boss M/T Tires Torture Tested!To see what these new sizes offer, Mickey Thompson tasked the guys at Rockstar Performance Garage with a couple sets of each size and sent them out to the desert to give them an old-fashioned torture test. And we’ve got the photos to back it all up…


The 44-inch Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/T is intended to provide the most hardcore custom rigs with additional ground clearance, without sacrificing grip, durability, and comfort.

What About Wheels?

The 42-inch Baja Boss M/T is a size that Mickey Thompson came up with after seeing a sharp demand from late-model Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator owners. Engineered to be compatible with most lifts and aftermarket fenders, these compounds offer all of the performance perks and comfort drivers admire in the Baja Boss line, but with just a bit more meat.

These beefy bruisers are a full 2 inches larger than the range-topping 40-inch tires currently offered and strike a nice balance between performance and practicality. As for wheel fitment, choices for these all-new 42-inch sizes of the Baja Boss M/T, Mickey Thompson are giving us a few options. These include a 42X13.50R17LT, ideal for common 17×9 wheels, and a larger  42X13.50R20LT for those rolling on 20-inch alloys.

Now, as for those monolithic 44-inch Baja Boss M/T tires, custom builds and dedicated race machines are the target market here. Upon launch, Mickey Thompson will reportedly only offer its largest Baja Boss M/T tire in one size. A 44X13.50R20LT, which apparently can accommodate both 20×9 and 20×10 wheels.

In the case of GRDLOC, Ashby wrapped his rubber meats around some sporty-looking 20-inch Dirty Life DT 1 9303 Satin Gold Beadlock wheels.

Built Like A Baja Boss

Rock crawling allowed for extreme torture testing of these all-new Baja Boss M/T tire sizes.

When we launched it in 2019, the Baja Boss M/T line quickly gained a reputation for delivering an unrivaled off-road experience. When we saw how many off-road enthusiasts were pushing their builds to new limits, we knew we had to step up and expand the Baja Boss M/T lineup to include the larger sizes they are looking for. —Ben Anderson, Light Truck On & Off-Road senior product manager at Mickey Thompson

High-speed sand shenanigans didn't seem to pose any issues for these compounds either.

As with all Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/T tires, these larger tires sport an asymmetrical tread pattern for reduced noise and vibration. A design that reportedly improves handling as well.

Then there’s Mickey Thompson’s signature “Sidebiters,” which offer a bold look, extra aggressive off-road traction, and extreme protection. We’ll allow the image below to serve as our visual aid.

Mickey Thompson 42" and 44" Baja Boss M/T Tires Torture Tested!

Other Baja Boss M/T features and benefits include:

  • Competition-proven “PowerPly XD” construction, which helps with puncture resistance, steering, and stability
  • Stone ejector ribs to help prevent gravel from being wedged into tread grooves
  • Silica-reinforced compounds for long tread life, cut and chip resistance, and improved wet handling and braking

Putting The Rubber To The Rubble

Some feedback from testing found that by going down in size from a larger 46-inch tire, these rock grippers allowed certain vehicles to run faster, more efficiently, and far cooler due to less weight. The lighter loads also allowed easier articulation at times, without causing any tipping. Dropping down to the 42-inch version provided even greater results, especially regarding on-road driving characteristics.

Another key revelation was how well the 44-inch version of the Baja Boss M/T excelled in tight situations. This is due to its 13.50-inch width contact patch, which allows you to get in (and out) of tight spots that would hamper a 20-inch wide tire.

For more first-hand experience and feedback, here is another kick-ass video from Rockstar Performance Garage,  where they talk more about the Trail Hero adventures with these new tires. We’re sure that you’ll appreciate what was revealed.

Mickey Thompson 42″ and 44″ Baja Boss M/T Tires Torture Tested!

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