Rock Crawling Ready KOH Edition Ford Bronco From FOX Factory

What do you get when Fox Factory commissions off-road racing legend Jason Scherer to build a limited edition Ford Bronco? You get the King of the Hammers edition—an exclusive package that combines desert racing durability with on-road comfort. This is not a sticker package with a couple of bolt-on enhancements. The KOH Edition Ford Bronco is the real deal with proven performance upgrades integrated throughout the vehicle.

Produced by FOX Factory Performance Vehicle Development (PVD), this exclusive trim level just debuted at the 2023 King of the Hammers race in Johnson Valley, California which is currently taking place from February 4-11th.

Rock Crawling Ready KOH Edition Ford Bronco From FOX Factory

Built to mimic the 4600 class (limited division Every Man Challenge) these custom machines focus on performance, appearance, and limited edition appeal. The KOH Edition Ford Bronco package features a few unique attributes and some of which we have yet to see on other versions of the Ford Bronco. In its essence, these are real performance functional modifications that give the Bronco all the go one could need.

We recently caught up with Tyler Porter, Marketing Manager at FOX Factory, to get a little more info and what makes them so special. Here is what he had to say about the KOH Edition Bronco.

Da Dirty Details

First of all, one must recognize that the vehicles that are being shown at King of the Hammers this year are pre-production units. Therefore, a few key pieces haven’t made it to FOX Factory PVD’s production facility yet, so that has yet to be disclosed. But no worries. There is still plenty left to discuss.

“Some of the very neat features that I enjoy on this package is that we have an ARB on-board air system,” Porter declared. It also comes with a spider web shade tail sack and bikini top, and full underbody armor. The carbon fiber fender flares are also awesome, as they add a ton of protection without the weight of course. Jason is VERY sensitive to the strength-to-weight ratio of all of the components that were chosen.”

Armor is everywhere on the KOH Edition Ford Bronco, all designed to be as functional as possible while still aesthetically appealing.

FOX Factory PVD’s decision to tap 3-time KOH champion Jason Scherer to serve as a consultant during the development of these vehicles was crucial. As their primary test driver and one of the development leaders on the project, Jason was the one who made sure that everything within the package worked in unison. His company, Rage4th, provided the exclusive bumpers and rock sliders on the rig, along with loads of design insights for things like undercarriage armor plating and those lightweight carbon fiber fender flares.

Rock Crawling Ready KOH Edition Ford Bronco From FOX Factory

A full coverage underbody skid and protection system is the business!

Lightweight and super strong, the carbon fiber fender flares on the KOH Edition Bronco are a work of art.

“Throughout all the vehicles I’ve built and tested, the KOH Bronco is a dream come true, all the unique details make it perfect. This vehicle reflects my style, it’s not for the show, it’s for the adventure and for those who enjoy the quality and details that make it shine! “—Jason Scherer, 3-Time KOH Winner

The Fox 2.5 Performance Elite Shocks Are At The Core Of The KOH Bronco

The foundation of the vehicle is built upon exclusively tuned FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Shocks. However, the culmination of everything else on that list is what makes this all-encompassing Ford Bronco package feel so balanced. Every component of the KOH Edition Ford Bronco was curated to kick ass off-road and to look and feel good on the road. Besides Rage4th, Jason Scherer tapped these elite off-road companies; FOX, BDS Suspension, JKS Manufacturing, BF Goodrich Tires, and Vision Wheels, to guarantee the finished product lives up to the KOH brand. Something only a multi-time Hammer King winner would truly understand.

The Exclusive KOH Edition Bronco Package Includes:

  • BDS 4-inch PE Suspension System
  • Exclusively Tuned Fox 2.5 Performance Elite Shocks
  • 18-inch Satin Gray Black Ring Vision Ojos with Tire Lock Technology
  • 37/12.50/R18 BF Goodrich KM3 Tires
  • Rage4th Front Bumper with LED Fog Lights
  • Full Under Body Skid Plate Armor
  • Rage4th Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier
  • Rage4th KOH Branded Rock Sliders
  • Carbon Fiber Fender Flares
  • NACHO TM5 Combo White Lights
  • White Rock Lights
  • Fully Equipped ARB Air Compressor System
  • KOH Branded SpiderWebShade Bikini Top
  • KOH Branded SpiderWebShade Trailsac
  • Tool Roll Kit
  • KOH Edition Dash Badge
  • KOH Front Fender Badging
  • KOH Branded Seat Covers
  • KOH Graphics Package
  • FMVSS Compliant
  • 3-Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty

“The King of the Hammers Edition Bronco is truly one of a kind, offering exclusive design, unmatched quality, and performance to explore any terrain… to continue building a legacy rooted in best-in-class off-road racing.” —Drew Kerley, Vice President of Business and Strategy, FOX Factory, Inc.

Rock Crawling Ready KOH Edition Ford Bronco From FOX Factory

“The King of the Hammers edition Bronco is a culmination of our relationship with Ford, FOX Factory, and the exceptional drivers that have forged the King of the Hammers racing. The new Bronco was rooted in Johnson Valley, home of King of the Hammers, and with the right partners like FOX and drivers like 3-Time KOH Winner and Champion Jason Scherer it’s the epitome of the best-in-class Bronco. “—Dave Cole, Hammerkings Production’s President and Chief Executive Officer

Rock Crawling Ready KOH Edition Ford Bronco From FOX Factory

Readying For Some Showroom Shine Time

Where the Bronco Raptor is made for high-speed desert conditions, the KOH Edition Bronco package was designed to cater to aggressive trail riders and moderate rock crawling. All while still retaining a very comfortable ride on the street. Porter tells us that we should think of it as “a trail-going vehicle that is VERY easy to live with every day.”

Production is slated for mid-to-late March at this time and will be made in incredibly limited numbers. All KOH Edition Broncos will be built, distributed to, and available for purchase at partnering Ford dealerships, and FOX Factory PVD dealers within the United States. 

Now as for pricing, that is still a TBD topic. Just know that it will fall below the Bronco Raptor, but be slightly higher than the Wildtrak. The KOH Edition Bronco is an “upfit package,” and dealer pricing will vary based on whatever Bronco platform was chosen.

One final key component of this build is that the will still be covered under the factory warranty. All of the parts that go into the package itself are covered by a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty as well. Thus making this a trouble-free, turn-key solution for drivers which is what specializes in.

Anyone interested in picking up a FOX Factory KOH Edition Bronco should start poking around at or visit to find one near them.

Rock Crawling Ready KOH Edition Ford Bronco From FOX Factory

Rock Crawling Ready KOH Edition Ford Bronco From FOX Factory

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