All-New High-Performance Lift Pump For ’91 Through ’98 Ram Cummins

lift pump

If you’re driving a 1991 through 1998 Ram, then you know that finding OE-style parts is getting harder. That is why companies like Fleece Performance are stepping up to help diesel enthusiasts. While there are a few fuel pump options out there for your Cummins-powered Ram, you might not be interested in either a less-than-reliable stock replacement or a frame-mounted lift pump. That is the very reason Fleece designed and built this all-new PowerFlo in-tank lift pump.

This OE-fitment pump means there is no longer a need to install noisy frame-mounted pumps, cut holes in your fuel tank, or even deal with quarter tank issues. Fleece’s drop-in pump delivers silent operation, utilizes factory connections for easy installation, and its active fill bucket technology eliminates the need for a draw straw or tank sump. The PowerFlo Lift Pump operates with two OEM quality geroter pumps that have surpassed 12,000 hours of durability testing and together flow 170 g/ph at 15 psi. That makes the PowerFlo pump capable of supporting 800-plus rear wheel horsepower. What’s more, the PowerFlo pump is also backed by a limited-lifetime warranty.

lift pump

With twin geroter pumps and bucket-fill technology, the Fleece Performance pump can easily support 800-plus rear wheel horsepower.

The PowerFlo pump retains the factory water-in-fuel sensor, factory fuel heater, and factory fuel lines, and installs in less than half the time of other high-flow lift pumps.

Replaces OE Part Number RL143160AB

This complete fuel supply upgrade kit for your 1991-1998 Dodge Cummins includes a new sending unit and float to get your fuel gauge working again! The PowerFlo Lift Pump is the latest OEM replacement performance pump from the diesel experts at Fleece Performance.

Kit Includes:

  • PowerFlo Lift Pump with integral fuel sender
  • 16 feet of push lock hose and all necessary AN fittings
  • Mechanical fuel pump block off plate (FPE-CUMM-FBOP)
  • Wiring harness and fuse taps
  • Flange tank seal

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