Corsa Performance Uncorks Factory Bronco With Closed Box Intake

If you want to maximize the potential of your Ford Bronco with an intake system, then Corsa Performance is a great route to go. After installing the Corsa Performance 2.75-inch single-exit exhaust, I thought it would only make sense to add the Corsa Performance Closed Box Air Intake System. After all, Corsa claims that by adding this intake system you will see gains of an additional 5-horsepower, 3 lb-ft of torque, and a 12-percent flow increase.

If the gains of this Corsa Intake system wasn’t enough to sway you, then maybe the looks will. Replacing the stock plastic intake cover with a brand new box with a see-through acrylic top, stamped with the Corsa logo is a show stopper. Add in the red, reusable air filter for that peek of color and it is exactly what your Bronco has been missing.

Installation of the Corsa Performance air intake system was a breeze, and can be installed by those who aren’t a pro under the hood. The stock box is easily removed and replaced in only a few minutes. The entire install uses basic hand tools, so there is no need to take this to a shop for installation. All you need is some tools, my install video, and a little bit of confidence.

Once I completed the install, it was time to take it to the streets to see if I could feel or hear a difference, and that I did. Being paired with the Corsa Performance exhaust was a nice touch, I had my deep rumble in the back and a nice clean whistle in the front. Add in my Ford Performance calibration and my Bronco was producing the music my ears enjoyed.

Some takeaways about the Corsa Performance Closed Box Air Intake System is that it is proudly made in the USA, requires no tune, and can be easily inspected with the acrylic topper. Being able to inspect the filter without taking a plastic top off every single time makes it easy for off-roaders to inspect their filter after each on-dirt adventure. I have tested this system by pavement and by dirt, and can proudly say that it is a system worth having!

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