AWE SwitchPath Catback Exhaust: Best Upgrade For Jeep Wrangler 392

Occasionally, bigger isn’t just better. It deserves better. And when it comes to the virile V8 that is the 392 HEMI motor, nothing says top-shelf quite like an equally well-engineered exhaust. This is precisely why Philadelphia-based AWE now offers a SwitchPath Catback Exhaust for the 392-equipped Jeep Wrangler. An exhaust that apparently holds the title for best-in-class clearance for this specific chassis, and a whole lot more…

AWE Switchpath 392 Jeep Exhaust

AWE created this exhaust not only with clearance and performance in mind, but a “pure HEMI without the headache” auditory mindset at the forefront.

SwitchPath 392 Jeep Wrangler Schematics Explained

AWE’s SwitchPath™ (yes, it is officially trademarked) Exhaust for the 392 Wrangler is a true dual 3-inch catback unit. Featuring T304L stainless steel construction, a hand-fabricated H-pipe, and a valved muffler with factory valve “behavior,” this quad-tipped beauty is a beast to behold. Just look at those weld beads and polished heat shielding trays. Glorious, ain’t it?


Each SwitchPath Wrangler 392 exhaust’s resonator-style H-pipe allows the 6.4L 392 Hemi to breath a bit better, without it sounding too obnoxious. All of the aftermarket exhaust comes tucked extra high underneath for maximum clearance and safety.

AWE Switchpath 392 Jeep Exhaust

AWE’s SwitchPath 392 Wrangler catback exhaust is guaranteed to work in unison with the OE exhaust cut-away button on the dash of the vehicle.

From there the exhaust splits into a unique SwitchPath 392 muffler configuration, complete with OE tier 1 valves. This helps ensure factory valve operational functionality remains as designed and in place at all times. Regardless as to whether you are off-road or on, the driver will be able to control the performance perks of the 392 engine by merely pressing the OEM button control. That, or let the ECU vent the valves when a specific throttle input is reached.

Each 392 Wrangler SwitchPath Catback Exhaust also comes with its own unique set of hanger locking collars. This helps keep the unit aligned at all times. In this video below, you can hear the exhuast differences with the valves open and closed during the vehicle operation.

Tread Lightly, and Carry Some Serious Clearance

Drivers will also be granted an additional clearance in the rear thanks to AWE’s trademarked quad BashGuard™ setup. This design provides over 3-inches of additional clearance over the stock exhaust system. Furthermore, its .125″ thick reinforced stainless ring outlets are so far removed, that the risk of terrain impact is virtually non-existent.

This one makes for an ear-to-ear grin, no question. Nothing was left on the table… this one’s the sound that the 392 market has been after. —

Jesse Kramer, AWE VP

AWE Switchpath 392 Jeep Exhaust

AWE is referring to this bolt-on for the 392 Jeep Wrangler as: “A dual 3” catback exhaust designed and engineered specifically for the big one.”

The team took their time and really knocked it out of the park on this system. We determined what this monster really needed: best in class clearance, true dual 3-inch T304L stainless, four reinforced rock rings on our AWE BashGuard design, resonated H-pipe for deep, aggressive tone with minimal rasp, locking hanger collars, OE tier 1 valves ensuring 100% factory operation, and a soundtrack to die for – all made in the USA at AWE HQ with a Lifetime Guarantee. I’m confident this is the stand out 392 exhaust that the market has been after, it truly checks all of the right boxes.—Jesse Kramer, AWE Vice President, Marketing

With the high-clearance and ultra tucked exhaust, Jeep owners will not be leaving their mark on the trail. Furthermore, AWE has recently become the latest automotive aftermarket firm to join the Tread Lightly! non-profit organization Together, this partnership between Tread Lightly! and AWE aims to preserve the trails and scenic remote areas that make America such a spectacular 4×4 paradise.

No detail was left untouched in the designing and production of this exhaust by AWE.

SwitchPath 392 Jeep Wrangler Exhaust Features:

All that being said, the full list of features and benefits pertaining to this eye-catching catback muffler system can be found below. For some of us still prefer to peek at an abbreviated list, than listen to some journalist’s overly enthusiastic ramblings.

  • 50-state emissions-compliant dual 3” catback exhaust
  • Engineered to crawl with best-in-class clearance on even the most aggressive departure angles, providing +3” of clearance compared to stock
  • OE, tier 1 valves ensure 100% factory operation via interior button and throttle input
  • Dyno-verified max gains of 9 hp and 5 ft-lbs of torque at the wheels
  • Bespoke SwitchPath™ muffler provides dual soundtracks: sophisticated with valves closed, rowdy with them open
  • Resonated H-pipe for deep, aggressive tone with minimal rasp
  • Quad outlet, each protected by BashGuard™
  • BashGuard™ features a .125” thick reinforced stainless ring on the outlet, built for bashing
  • Features locking collars for exhaust hangers to prevent movement
  • Includes custom heat shielding for the passenger-side trunk pan
  • Handcrafted from CNC mandrel-bent, U.S.-sourced .065”-wall T304L stainless steel
  • Less is more: clean, straight-through design for maximum performance and tone
  • Proudly engineered, designed, and manufactured in-house, in the USA
  • Pure bolt-on, no-cutting required
  • Perfect Fitment Guarantee
  • AWE No CEL Guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty


Founded in 1991, AWE’s team of researchers, engineers, innovators, and drivers all aim to achieve the same goal: Produce premium performance upgrades for some of the finest automobiles on the planet.

Track-tested to the extreme, AWE’s award-winning handcrafted performance exhausts are the crown jewel in the company’s ever evolving portfolio. Referred to as “The Best Sounding Exhausts on the Planet™,” AWE’s stainless track-tested exhausts are intended to pair with components produced by this all-American brand.

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